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Employee Engagement

High Potential and Succession Planning

Online Examination And Proctoring

Press Conference

Talent Assessments

Tech Hiring & Skilling

Upskilling & Reskilling

Virtual Hiring

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    How to Choose the Right Online Exam Software

    This Ebook will familiarize you with online exam software apt for recruitment, campus placement, grading and more.

Are online exams a possibility for the K-12 segment?

This Ebook is your ultimate resource to understanding the fundamental objective behind exams and gradually change your mind set in favor of the new mode.

Use case: Platform & Proctoring

Twenty–five companies that use psychometric testing for hiring

This eBook elaborates on the applications of psychometric assessments in the hiring process. It also explains how big business groups and successful startups use psychometric testing to peek into potential candidates’ minds.

Use case: Psychometric

Fifty-six frequently asked questions on proctoring within an LMS

This ebook is your go-to resource for enhancing your knowledge on proctoring within an LMS that will help you confidently embrace this technology. 

Use case: Platform & Proctoring

Top 14 trends in online examinations in 2021

This eBook offers you unmatched insights into what’s trending in the examination management ecosystem. If you are a decision-maker planning on hosting exams now or in the future, this is the ideal resource for you.

Use case: Platform & Proctoring

How 360 leadership assessment can help develop 360 leaders

This ebook elaborates on the 360 leadership assessment process, its benefits and applications. If you are a decision-maker seeking advanced leadership development solutions, this is the ideal resource for you.

Use case: Generic

Why must universities consider the online mode of examinations?

This ebook iterates the ubiquitous fact that disruptions are inevitable and future-proofing exams for continuity is vital. 

Use case: Exam/Education

Mercer | Mettl’s ‘Developers of the Future’ Process

This Ebook will familiarize you with a tech hiring process that works perfectly for most businesses. It takes you beyond the polished resumes, pre-screening inefficiencies, biased references and predictable answers.

Use case: Generic

Assessing Digital Readiness in the New Normal: Navigating the Digital Era

The future of work is here. To effectively manage digital transformation, organizations need to focus on developing their workforce to adapt to the transformation and proactively become digitally ready.

Use case: Generic

Auto Proctoring: The Most Advanced Form of Online Proctoring

This Ebook will familiarize you with an AI-enabled automated proctoring mechanism that helps conduct online examinations with minimal human intervention.

Use case: Exam/Education

Upskilling Versus Reskilling: What, How and When?

The skills landscape is changing faster than ever. The skill set required to perform your job today will probably change next year. Employees need to learn, relearn, and unlearn on the go to grow.

Use case: Reskilling/Upskilling

The Absolute Handbook for Understanding Aptitude Tests

This ebook is a one-stop resource that introduces and elaborates on every aspect of aptitude tests. It also explains how you can use these tests to hire better, their advantages, and ways ot prepare for aptitude and ability tests.

Use case: Generic

A Handbook On 360-Degree Survey Templates

This ebook is an excellent resource for learning about and choosing the right 360 degree survey templates in your performance reviews and appraisal processes. You will also learn about the best practices and applications of various 360 degree templates.

Use case: Generic

Reconsider Taking Offline Exams

This Ebook will familiarize with you the intricacies of the offline process and challenges associated with pen and paper assessment.

Use case: Exam/Education

Mercer |Mettl’s Proctoring Innovations

This Ebook will familiarize you with Mercer | Mettl’s world-class proctoring solutions that address all educational continuity-related concerns.

Use case: Exam/Education

Campus Recruitment Strategy 2019

This e-book acts as a building block for an effective campus recruitment strategy, enabling employers to target the right campuses, hire the right people, using the right tools.

Use case: Campus Hiring

Mettl Learning Agility Matrix: How to Measure and Improve Your Organization’s Learning Agility

This is an end-to-end resource for using learning agility tests as prime predictors of professional success and potential. It equips you with all the tools for creating a learning agile, futuristic workforce.

Use case: Generic

Role of Psychometric Assessment in Decoding Judgement and Decision Making in Leaders

Welcome to a holistic approach for identifying leadership qualities in industry professionals. This ebook will help you choose the right leadership psychometric test for discovering and developing the ideal competencies in high-potential employees.

Use case: Generic

Campus Hiring 2020: Challenges, Trends and Best Practices

This ebook deep-dives into revealing the present-day shift required for a campus recruitment process and various challenges confronting a modern-day campus recruiter amidst the Covid-19 disruption.

Use case: Campus Hiring

The Top 5 Online Examination Platform Providers

This ebook assesses five of the most innovative online exam system providers. It highlights their key offerings, enabling you to choose from the vast range of examination and proctoring services.

Use case: Exam/Education

Competency Framework and Behavioral Indicators for 360-Degree Feedback

This ebook elaborates on the 360 degree template i.e. a modern performance appraisal method that provides multifaceted clarity on employee performance, enabling organizations to improve their workforce development programs.

Use case: Generic

The Ultimate Guide to Succession Planning

This ebook is your go-to resource for learning about the process of succession planning, its benefits, and the tools that you can use to implement an effective succession plan in your organization.

Use case: Hi-Po/Org Development

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