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Employee Engagement

High Potential and Succession Planning

Online Examination And Proctoring

Press Conference

Talent Assessments

Tech Hiring & Skilling

Upskilling & Reskilling

Virtual Hiring

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    How to Choose the Right Online Exam Software

    This Ebook will familiarize you with online exam software apt for recruitment, campus placement, grading and more.

Driving talent trends

Navigating skills and roles in the automotive industry.

Use case: Automotive Industry

Building a scalable onboarding program to fuel talent retention

This eBook provides a comprehensive look at the benefits of talent retention and how organizations can create a scalable candidate onboarding program to fuel talent retention.

Use case: Learning and Development

Innovative strategies to boost student confidence for campus placements

The campus recruitment journey can be overwhelming for students trying to manage final-year examinations and placements. This eBook looks at how colleges can address the situation by preparing students for campus recruitment.

Use case: Campus Placement

The psychometric approach to employee engagement

Psychometric assessments are powerful tools in human resource management, especially in evaluating and improving employee engagement. This eBook highlights how psychometric assessments can be used to enhance employee engagement

Use case: Employee Engagement

Ensuring test integrity in the age of ChatGPT

This e-book provides insights on ChatGPT, the validity of current assessment methods, and innovative ways to conduct secure online exams with the use of both technological solutions and test-design measures.

Use case: Online Examination

Optimizing online assessments: How to integrate SecureProctor with LMS

SecureProctor is a futuristic cloud-based proctoring solution that allows secure online examinations in universities and educational institutions. This eBook will help you optimize online assessments with a solution powered by anti-cheating technology and a robust infrastructure for security, which integrates with the LMS seamlessly.

Use case: Online Examination

Leveraging psychometric assessments for effective training needs identification

One of the initial and critical steps in upskilling employees is training needs identification, often referred to as training needs assessment. This eBook looks at how psychometric tests can be leveraged in identifying training needs in an organization's learning and development initiatives.

Use case: Training Needs Identification

The psychometric approach to quantifying performance

Performance evaluation helps identify strengths and weaknesses, fosters employee development, facilitates transparent communication, and aligns efforts with overarching strategies, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and growth. One method to evaluate performance is psychometric assessments. This eBook provides a comprehensive understanding of psychometric tests to evaluate and enhance employee performance.

Use case: Performance Evaluation

Unlocking talent: How psychometric assessments identify top-tier managers

This eBook sheds light on the need for top-tier managers and the use of psychometric tests in managerial selection. Psychometric assessments use an intelligent approach to measure how well a managerial candidate understands and handles their emotions, how good they are at communicating, and how efficiently they solve problems.

Use case: Psychometric Assessments

Unlocking high-potential talent with psychometric assessments

This eBook provides a comprehensive understanding of psychometric assessments and how they have revolutionized the way organizations identify and nurture top talent to ensure the right fit for each role and drive sustainable success.

Use case: High-Potential Identification

The use of cognitive vs. aptitude tests for efficient hiring

This e-book will discuss the differences in cognitive and aptitude tests, assess potential candidates on critical, interpersonal, non-technical and technical skills in a standardized manner and how these assessments enhance campus recruitment for early career hiring.

Use case: Campus Recruitment

Using learning agility to build a productive workforce

Employees with learning agility not only acclimate to changing situations better, but they are also eager to learn from new experiences. Such employees also thrive on solving complex challenges while consistently delivering better results and benefiting the organization.  

Use case: Hiring

How skills and competencies-based assessments will lead the hiring landscape

Skills-based hiring is increasingly gaining popularity in the hiring market. A combination of skills-based and traditional hiring helps companies effectively screen applicants from a large pool. It is an approach that allows organizations to close skill gaps and retain employees.

Use case: Hiring

Competencies to look for in ten in-demand job roles during resource planning

While degrees and experience remain the mainstay on which a candidate is deemed fit for a role, recruiters must keep track of different competencies when hiring. In addition, the competencies differ for each position, so hiring managers need to know what to look for.

Use case: Hiring

The ultimate guide to aptitude assessments: Why you need them and their benefits

Get an overview of different types of aptitude tests, what they assess and how using them in hiring process can benefit your organization.

Use case: Candidate Screening

Everything you need to know about emerging trends in tech hiring

Deep dive into trends in tech hiring that are shaping the market and why adapting them is advantageous for your organization.

Use case: Tech hiring

Why is conscientiousness important in hiring decisions

Out of the five big traits, conscientiousness gives an overview of how efficient a candidate will be if hired. People with the conscientiousness trait are described as having the perfect personality for a team and are known to demonstrate strong work ethics.  

Use case: Candidate screening and hiring

The ultimate campus placement preparation assessments playbook

Get an overview of the campus placement preparation market and how universities can benefit from offering these assessments to their students

Use case: Campus hiring

The ultimate guide to quiet quitting What is it and how organizations can deal with it

As quiet quitting trends globally, understand what it means, how it affects productivity and how organizations can put a check on it.

Use case: Talent Retention

Potential pitfalls to avoid when conducting 360-degree feedback performance reviews

This eBook is a comprehensive resource for incorporating the proper 360-degree feedback approach in your organization by avoiding the pitfalls that can jeopardize the efficacy of your 360-performance review process. This eBook is your guiding light if you want to ensure a thorough approach toward 360-degree feedback.

Use case: Generic

Advanced 360-feedback advice at your fingertips

Must-have features and best/worst practices to strengthen every stage of your feedback process

Use case: Generic

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