Using learning agility to build a productive workforce

Using learning agility to build a productive workforce

Employees with learning agility not only acclimate to changing situations better, but they are also eager to learn from new experiences. Such employees also thrive on solving complex challenges while consistently delivering better results and benefiting the organization.  

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Top Takeaways:

What is learning agility?

Why should an organization focus on measuring learning agility?

How to measure learning agility?

What is inside this eBook


Learning agility is a person’s ability or intention toward learning new things. It can also be defined as the willingness to learn from experiences and apply the learnings to different situations.

What you will learn from this eBook

Understand what learning agility is, its importance in the modern workplace, and how organizations can measure it when hiring candidates.

Sneak Peek:

One of the key reasons why learning agility is at the forefront is an increasing emphasis on personal advancement and learning. Apart from focusing on learning and development, present-day organizations are becoming increasingly complex and dynamic due to fast-changing businesses. Therefore, it is vital that employees keep up with various trends.

An organization with an agile workforce reaps benefits in multiple ways, including:

  • Future-ready workforce
  • Increase in the number of high-potentials
  • Higher overall organizational productivity and profitability

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- Harsh Sharma

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