Building a scalable onboarding program to fuel talent retention

Building a scalable onboarding program to fuel talent retention

This eBook provides a comprehensive look at the benefits of talent retention and how organizations can create a scalable candidate onboarding program to fuel talent retention.

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Top Takeaways:

Learn what talent retention is and how to calculate talent retention rate

Understand why organizations should focus on talent retention

Steps to improve talent retention rate

What is inside this eBook


The global job market has undergone significant shifts in the last few years. The post-pandemic world saw the talent market opening at an all-time high and that fueled companies to run aggressively in their race to grab the top talent. This has led to an increased emphasis on retaining talent. This eBook looks at various ways in which organizations can improve their retention rate by creating a scalable onboarding program.

What you will learn from this eBook

This eBook provides various steps that organizations can take to improve the retention rate as well as various advantages that accrue when organizations improve their retention rates.

Sneak Peek:

Talent retention is not a project or a one-time process. It is a sustainable way to build successful organizations. Creating a positive experience for candidates right from the moment they apply for a job till their final onboarding, and providing upskilling opportunities, among others, are just a few ways to retain talent.

  • Using candidate experience to create a positive image
  • Using advanced screening tools to avoid mishires
  • Investing in upskilling
  • Emphasizing employee value proposition (EVP) and company culture

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- Harsh Sharma

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