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Potential pitfalls to avoid when conducting 360-degree feedback performance reviews

This eBook is a comprehensive resource for incorporating the proper 360-degree feedback approach in your organization by avoiding the pitfalls that can jeopardize the efficacy of your 360-performance review process. This eBook is your guiding light if you want to ensure a thorough approach toward 360-degree feedback.

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Top takeaways

Offers insights into complex problems that may arise due to injudicious implementation

Elaborate solutions to avoid implementation pitfalls

Step-by-step guidelines for maximizing the effectiveness of 360s

What’s inside this Ebook

An Overview

A poorly executed 360-degree feedback process can do more damage than good to your organization. If your company is adopting the 360-review model, you need to be mindful of the probable pitfalls and take the measures necessary to get the most out of the process. While the 360-review model is an adequate tool to provide companies and employees with actionable feedback, it can fall short if survey administrators are not careful. However, setting yourself up for 360 review success is not as complex as it seems, just follow the steps revealed in this eBook and you are good to go.

What you will learn from this eBook

This eBook offers detailed information you need for understanding and implementing a high-quality and comprehensive employee development plan. Moreover, you will learn how to avoid common pitfalls while implementing the 360-review model, enabling you to maximize the effectiveness of the 360-review process.

Sneak Peek

This document serves as the ultimate handbook for helping organizations implement their 360 feedbacks with the utmost care and precision. By understanding the pitfalls mentioned in this eBook, organizations can keep potential derailers at bay. Here is a glimpse of the key areas covered by the guide:

  • Significant challenges with 360° Employee Feedback Programs
  • Important points to consider when setting up a 360° Feedback program
  • The role 360 performance feedback plays in providing individuals with the guidance they need to move forward in their careers

Read the eBook to learn about these highlights in detail.

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