The use of cognitive vs. aptitude tests for efficient hiring

The use of cognitive vs. aptitude tests for efficient hiring

This e-book will discuss the differences in cognitive and aptitude tests, assess potential candidates on critical, interpersonal, non-technical and technical skills in a standardized manner and how these assessments enhance campus recruitment for early career hiring.

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Top Takeaways:

Learn about aptitude and cognitive ability tests

Discover key skills assessed through aptitude and cognitive ability tests

Uncover the benefits of aptitude and cognitive ability tests for campus hiring

What is inside this eBook


Using online assessments during early career hiring provides additional dimensions to the candidate evaluation process. This eBook looks at how recruiters can use cognitive and aptitude assessments to gauge the cognitive intelligence and reasoning capabilities of candidates. This enhances understanding of candidates’ cultural fitment, ability to adapt to a dynamic environment, and situational judgment.

What you will learn from this eBook

This e-book shares insights on the use of cognitive and aptitude tests for candidate evaluation during campus hiring.

Sneak Peek:

What are cognitive ability tests?

The cognitive ability tests focus on candidates’ ability to gather information and use it to solve critical problems in the workplace. Therefore, these evaluations contain crucial thinking and abstract reasoning questions to gauge how well candidates acquire new concepts and use them to solve fundamental problems.

Key skills assessed through a cognitive ability test

Abstract reasoning

Abstract reasoning questions in cognitive tests blend inductive and diagrammatic reasoning questions. They measure candidates’ fluid and lateral intelligence that helps quickly and accurately identify patterns and relationships between shapes.

Verbal ability

Verbal ability questions assess candidates’ communication and language skills. These include dense passages from which candidates need to read and extract information for the questions that follow. Ideally, no prior experience or subject matter expertise is required in these questions, just the ability to read and understand given information.

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