The Role of 360-Degree Feedback in Workforce Management & Planning: All You Need to Know

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What is 360-degree feedback?

360-degree feedback is a process in which employees receive feedback from the people they have a working relationship with. The process can include the employees’ supervisors, peers and direct reports, sometimes clients too, all of whom are called the raters in the process. 360-degree feedback covers a wider gamut than just performance evaluation. The objective of 360-degree feedback is to help identify not just apparent but also the hidden strengths and areas of improvement of the employee for a focused employee development plan.

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A Handbook of 360 Degree Survey Templates for Popular Job Roles



360-degree feedback provides a holistic and all-round view of an employee’s journey in the organization, his/her strengths, challenges, roadblocks, or any latent leadership potential that can be improved with developmental initiatives.

From identifying skill gaps to high potential employees, 360-degree feedback is lauded for its integrated approach which makes it an excellent organizational planning tool.



360-degree feedback has great potential and a high-yielding impact on employee productivity. It requires certain expertise and experience to achieve the end goal. There are various 360-degree feedback tools on the market that help organizations conduct systematic and effective 360-degree feedback. Make an informed choice!

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