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Why 360 Now? Three reasons to include 360 in your performance evaluation process this year

This eBook is your ultimate resource to understanding the primary objective behind 360 performance review and the benefits this would entail for the individual, team, and organization. It introduces and elaborates on the most crucial aspect of the 360-evaluation process.

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Top takeaways

An overview of reasons that make the 360-evaluation approach crucial for the performance management process

A deep dive into the importance of the 360-review process

Objective insights on streamlining the process for continuous employee improvement

What’s inside this Ebook

An Overview

This eBook elaborates how 360-degree feedback supports development objectives by helping participants recognize their strengths and potential for improvement. Even though it provides the foundation for various training engagements and leadership development programs, many organizations voice reservations about implementing this method. This eBook introduces you to the top reasons for implementing the 360-degree review in your performance evaluation process.

What You’ll Learn from This eBook

This eBook is your go-to resource for understanding the fundamental objective behind 360 performance review and immediate benefits that can be realized in terms of improved employee efficiency, teamwork, leadership development, etc. It also provides valuable insights about crucial components to this process, resulting in holistic feedback for employees. Most importantly, the guide focuses on the merits of a 360-degree performance appraisal system.

Sneak Peek

This eBook is a definitive guide for understanding the clear benefits of the 360-degree feedback method that make it an excellent tool for identifying and training skilled talent, succession planning, grooming high-potentials to assume influential roles, and more. Here is a glimpse of the key areas covered by the guide:

  • Defining the objective for conducting 360 evaluation process
  • Outlining five critical components to this process
  • Describing some of the key benefits associated with the 360-review process

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