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The ultimate resource to understand the advantage that 360 review has over the traditional performance appraisal system

This eBook is a detailed resource that describes the difference between the old methods of performance appraisal and the most modern performance appraisal method known as the 360-degree feedback method. It presents the features that make 360-degree feedback one of the most reasonable means of employee assessment. 

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Top takeaways

A rundown of the primary differences between the traditional and the modern methods to conducting performance reviews

Analysis of old vis-à-vis current performance review approaches and explains what each approach entails

Highlights of modern practices toward performance review processes

What’s inside this Ebook

An Overview

Conventional and modern performance review methods adopt different approaches to achieve the desired objective. However, the question is: Do you know the difference between both types of approaches? Well, some might say yes, why not! However, some intricacies are involved, which we have covered in this eBook.

What you will learn from this eBook

This detailed eBook highlights the difference between the traditional and new-age methods for evaluating employee performance. It offers a series of insights into the 360-feedback process that provides a comprehensive approach to assessing an individual’s performance. You will learn how the 360-degree tool helps employees recognize strengths and weaknesses and address development needs.

Sneak Peek

This eBook offers a detailed understanding of how the 360-degree feedback method serves as an excellent tool for identifying and training skilled talent, succession planning, grooming high-potentials to assume influential roles, and more. Here is a glimpse of the key areas covered by the guide:

  • What makes the 360-degree approach crucial for effective performance reviews?
  • A tabular presentation outlining the differences between traditional and 360-degree performance review method
  • The key factors that give the 360-review process an edge over its conventional counterpart

Read the eBook to learn about these highlights in detail.

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