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The Power of 360 Feedback Analytics

Discover how organizations are making game-changing improvements by leveraging 360 feedback reports

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Type: Whitepaper

Case Studies Analyzed: 10

Target Sample: Successful global corporations

Did You Know?

According to a study on the effects of performance feedback interventions, incorrect performance feedback can lower employee performance by as much as 30%!

Top Takeaways:

Leading global organizations rely on holistic feedback reports to make talent decisions

Actions and strategies based on 360 feedback can help companies save millions of dollars annually

360 feedback has enabled leaders to increase their impact by 93%, leading to higher performance and sales

What’s Inside This Report?

An overview

This whitepaper offers a broad overview of how 360 reports have helped make significant changes across major corporations. You will witness the power of these reports through a series of examples where pinpointing individual blind spots and hidden strengths have been instrumental in the success of the likes of Philips, Netflix, IBM, Tesco, Google and more!

What you’ll learn from this whitepaper

  • How the practical details of 360 reports (strengths, hidden strengths, blind spots and areas of development) can steer an organization toward greatness
  • The vital co-relation between core professional competencies, high-performing teams and higher retention
  • Why a ‘people first’ approach is indispensable for lasting business expansion and growth
  • How 360 feedback insights enable organizations to drive:

i) Future-ready L&D fueled by behavioral changes

ii) Strategic workforce planning

iii) Employee experience, engagement, productivity and innovation

iv) Quicker tech adoption and cross-border expansion

And more!

Sneak Peek

This whitepaper offers a concise analysis of how ten multi-national corporations have harnessed the potential of 360-degree feedback reports. You will learn about:

  • Competencies that are most relevant for companies
  • Objectives of adopting 360-degree feedback
  • Changes that companies initiated because of revelations made by the reports
  • The larger impact of acting on the revelations and making 360s a norm.


  • Three-sixty feedback can act as an eye-opener, laying the foundation for changes that fuel lasting productivity and innovation
  • Actions based on 360 feedback reports assure the workforce that the organization cares about employee well-being, positively impacting morale and teamwork.
  • Without a holistic feedback system, it is impossible to realize the precise reasons behind reduced productivity
  • 360 feedback analytics can prevent high attrition, reduced customer satisfaction and a decline in brand value

Written by

D’ipanjenah is a writer and marketing professional associated with Mercer Mettl since 2020. Her working style thrives on a balanced approach towards standard insights and novel trends. She utilizes creative content and digital strategies to help brands start important conversations. When not reading/writing, she enjoys art and parents a calico.

- D'ipanjenah Ali

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