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How 360 leadership assessment can help develop 360 leaders

This ebook elaborates on the 360 leadership assessment process, its benefits and applications. If you are a decision-maker seeking advanced leadership development solutions, this is the ideal resource for you.

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Top takeaways

Insights into the holistic functionality of 360 leadership feedback

Choosing the right tool for measuring the attributes of a 360 leader

The role of 360 leadership assessment in developing 360 leaders

What’s Inside this eBook

An overview

This ebook offers elaborate insights into 360 feedback for leaders. It also highlights why 360 leadership is essential for organizational success. You will discover how an unbiased and insightful 360 leadership assessment can be instrumental in promoting a culture of feedback in an organization. It also offers a voice to all employees and helps promote the idea that their voice matters whether or not they agree with their leaders.

What you’ll learn from this eBook

This ebook will equip you with all the information you need for understanding, appreciating and adopting a highly unbiased and comprehensive leadership assessment plan. You will learn how 360-degree leadership assessment can be an excellent tool for identifying potential 360 leaders, motivating employees to reach their maximum potential, planning effective leadership development programs, and more.

Sneak peek

This ebook also features a concise guide for implementing 360 leadership assessment in your organization. Here is a glimpse of the key areas covered by the guide:

  • Defining competency frameworks for 360 leadership feedback.
  • Deciding who will participate.
  • Choosing relevant questionnaires.
  • Choosing the best 360 leadership assessment tool.
  • Launching surveys.
  • Generating comprehensive reports.


Read the ebook to learn about these highlights in detail.

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