Online Remote Proctoring: A Futuristic Fix for Online Exams

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What is Online Remote Proctoring?

Online remote proctoring is the act of invigilating an online exam from any location to deter any aberrant behavior. It is administered by experienced human proctors, or an AI Algorithm, or both, to maintain the examination process's integrity.

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Bid adieu to unfair invigilation

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Online remote proctoring solutions have empowered countless universities and institutes across the globe to reinvent their examination process amid the global health crisis. Their experience of leveraging proctoring technology to build a scalable, secure, and credible online examination solution led them to mitigate some genuine challenges and concerns.

Three online remote proctoring types

Scouting for the best proctoring solution provider?

With the market being replete with a myriad of online proctoring service providers, it’s essential to know which one of them matches your criteria of feature, cost, credibility, security.

Here is a list of 7 best proctoring solution providers that Universities globally vouch for after successfully partnering with them for their drive.

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Features of the best online remote proctoring service

Remote Proctoring Software integration is possible in either of the three ways

Proctoring integrated into a platform

Proctoring integration using LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) extensions

Proctoring integration via deep integration

How online remote proctoring ensures high accountability levels



Remote online proctoring is a powerful substitute that can quash all your challenges associated with physical invigilation and get you ready to take that radical transformational leap. Without compromising safety and well-being, online remote proctoring with its location-agnostic, robust anti-cheating features has enabled universities and institutes to replicate the traditional physical invigilation process and enabled the right decision-making.

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