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Auto Proctoring: The Most Advanced Form of Online Proctoring

This Ebook will familiarize you with an AI-enabled automated proctoring mechanism that helps conduct online examinations with minimal human intervention.

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Top Takeaways

Deep understanding of auto proctoring and its benefits

Insights into how auto proctored tests work

A glimpse of what all does AI measure

What’s Inside This eBook

This Ebook covers all aspects of auto proctoring that academia must take into consideration before approaching the topic. Additionally, it also offers verifiable data on how auto-proctored tests work to prevent, detect and gather evidence of any untoward activity during an exam. The end goal is to empower the education community to surmount every obstacle that erupts due to excessive human intervention.

What you’ll learn from this Ebook

This Ebook aims to helps academia identify the competitive advantage they can gain by enabling ‘auto proctoring’ in exams. From automating work to increasing scale, effectiveness and accuracy in measuring exams and assessments, you’ll gain first-hand knowledge about how AI-enabled proctoring is transforming the operation of an examination system.

Sneak Peek

This Ebook introduces Mercer | Mettl’s next-generation auto proctoring technologies that mimic human abilities and improves their understanding. Here’s how it transcends any other service provider on the market-

  • The auto proctoring algorithm is trained with more than 2.8 million online proctored exams
  • The AI bot auto-flags dynamic and suspicious cases with more than 98%+ accuracy
  • Auto proctoring is further divided into three distinct types to eliminate cheating


Explore the features mentioned above in the Ebook in detail

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