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Are online exams a possibility for the K-12 segment?

This Ebook is your ultimate resource to understanding the fundamental objective behind exams and gradually change your mind set in favor of the new mode.

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Top takeaways

A comprehensive overview of two concerns associated with online exams

A deep dive into the importance of examinations

A thorough layout of technology mirroring the offline exam experience

What’s inside this eBook

An overview

Till now, one had only heard of various centers for learnings and colleges continue with the online means of assessment for young adults. But it was tough to imagine the same for school-going children. This article is a first-hand account of a caregiver who rode the online examination wave with her niece. The details covered aim to change the perception most schools and parents have around online exams. From sharing valid concerns to highlighting the importance of examinations in the real world, this carefully curated content piece is a value-adding master plan for those looking to navigate the online examination world with ease.

What you’ll learn from this eBook

It is a given fact; there is no practical alternative to an exam. How else do you verify a student’s mastery of the material and whether the school is providing the right set of learning? This is why this Ebook is a detailed resource for understanding the critical elements needed to take exams online and how technology mirrors the offline exam-taking experience for students.

Sneak peek

This Ebook also takes you through:

  • Some use cases of sough-after schools across the globe that leveraged online exam-taking for kids
  • What students are missing out by not sitting for exams
  • How technology is mirroring the experience and ease of an offline examination process

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Shirisha has been helping countless brands gain traction with her content. Her deep understanding of the education sector and sound knowledge of technical skills have helped her structure the most creative solutions for key stakeholders. Shirisha has also ghosted pieces for several industry honcho’s successfully published both online and offline. When she's not keeping up with the world, you're sure to find her catching up on bollywood stories or gramming for fun.

- Shirisha Jain

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