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Proctoring as a Service: 5 things to get you started right away

Enable safe online exams with the likes of Moodle, Blackboard, Edx or your legacy LMS without leaving the environment.

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Top takeaways

Some intriguing facts about proctoring as a service

The ideal way of understanding the feature, its benefits and its functioning

How to optimize the use of proctoring as a service and run it efficiently on any system

Sneak Peek

Many proctoring service providers comprehended that Learning Management Systems (LMSs) could not deliver exams safely due to the absence of a strict supervision mechanism. So, they developed a much-needed layer of proctoring that could curtail cheating instances during an LMS exam. Since then, many educational entities warmed up to the idea of online exam taking via an LMS integrated with proctoring as a service.

However, what kind of training is required to use proctoring as a service on an LMS? It is one of the most commonly asked questions by some potential clients. There is still a level of discomfort when accessing this digital environment owing to a myriad of unanswered questions. 

Hence, rather than giving an exhaustive list of questions and answers, we created a bite-sized piece to help explore: 

  • Some intriguing facts about proctoring as a service.  
  • The ideal way of understanding the feature, its benefits and its functioning.  
  • How to optimize the use of proctoring as a service and run it efficiently on any system. 

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