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Why must universities consider the online mode of examinations?

This ebook iterates the ubiquitous fact that disruptions are inevitable and future-proofing exams for continuity is vital. 

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Top takeaways

A glimpse into the two sides of the education sector concerning the disruption

How the increasing pace of innovation has altered education adoption online

A deep dive into the underlying theme of the piece- the need to experiment with online exams

What’s Inside this eBook

An Overview

Since the onset of the contagion, the world has been confined to different versions of a lockdown. But each lockdown makes it difficult for the education sector to maintain continuity in established examination schedules. This setback cost many students a valuable opportunity to learn and move forward with exams. But some institutes were extremely quick at ensuring students did not lose out on their years of progress and went online with their exams from scratch. This move safeguarded the future of millions of students. Taking the above mentioned as the base, this ebook will help you deep-dive into a debating issue as to why experimenting with online exams is essential. If you’re still contemplating the move, this ebook will help you put an end to your apprehensions and make you open yourself to undiscovered ideas.

What You’ll Learn From This Ebook

The crux of this ebook is to make educators understand the importance of experimenting with online examinations. It is not vital that academia only makes a giant leap in favor of online exams. They can gain insights first-hand by starting small and experimenting. By sharing examples of how CHRIST, various IIM’s, Amity University, Howard University, Cambridge Assessments went online from scratch, this ebook gives a step-by-step approach to an educator’s maiden approach to online exams.

Sneak Peek

This ebook helps you understand how online examinations ensure high efficiency, security, accessibility via different devices, customization, reliability and the ability to interact, with reduced turnaround time. It does this by exhibiting:

  • The early adopters of online examinations
  • The increased pace of innovations in favor of online exams from the EdTech industry
  • Why academia needs to experiment with the online mode
  • The right approach to getting started with online examinations

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Shirisha has been helping countless brands gain traction with her content. Her deep understanding of the education sector and sound knowledge of technical skills have helped her structure the most creative solutions for key stakeholders. Shirisha has also ghosted pieces for several industry honcho’s successfully published both online and offline. When she's not keeping up with the world, you're sure to find her catching up on bollywood stories or gramming for fun.

- Shirisha Jain

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