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What Does One Mean by Technical Skilling?

Text BoxTechnical skilling refers to a successful training initiative undertaken to adress a programming skill gap within an organization. By employing learning agility tools and training effectiveness module, organizations are able to identify the most critical skills gaps in their workforce as well as their most trainable employees that can help improve business outcomes by measuring training effectiveness.

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Training Need Analysis Process: A Functional Toolkit for 2021



Understanding the technical proficiency of the workforce within the organization is very crucial for longevity and success. Especially when technical employees form the core of a majority of companies today, updating them on tools, techniques, trends, industry developments and technology at the earliest future-proofs the workforce. Hence, devising a strategy that assesses their current programming skill levels, analyzes the gaps and crafts a proper diagnosis for bridging those skill gaps in vital.

Five steps to identify technical skills

Upskilling or Reskilling?

Both form a part of upgrading a candidate’s technical proficiency. While upskilling means fine-tuning an existing skill or learning a new one to help do a current job better, reskilling is associated with a revamping the skillset as per a different role or profile.



Technical skilling or programming skilling is the solution to many business problems. It gains insights into your organizational skills and prepares you to make critical business decisions toward a future-ready workforce. With a cost-effective and systematic technical skilling or tech proficiency analysis process in place, organizations can simply sit back while it does the heavy lifting and sets the path to a successful training program.

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