Bridging the Skills Gap for Tech Workforce of Today & Tomorrow

The webinar dives deep into building structured and future proof skilling programs for the workforce, while using assessment technology to keep the plans targeted and data-backed

August 2021


70 Mins


Rupali Gupta

Rupali Gupta

Talent Solutions Leader, Mercer Singapore

Anirban B. Roy@2x

Anirban B. Roy

Chief Revenue Officer, Mercer Mettl

Prateek Dhingra

Prateek Dhingra

Vice President - International Sales, Mercer | Mettl

Hema Mohandas

Hema Mohandas

VP-HR, Global Talent Development, Virtusa



According to the World Economic Forum Report: Future of Jobs 2020, 50% of employees would need significant reskilling by 2022 to stay relevant in the job market. With rapid technological transformation and digitization, organizations are finding it hard to attract and retain key digital positions that are indispensable for a company’s growth right now. Keeping this in mind, Mercer Mettl, a global leader in talent assessments, recently conducted a webinar titled Bridging the Skills Gap for Tech Workforce of Today & Tomorrow.

What you will learn

Structured upskilling and reskilling for to counter continuously changing technological landscape and ways of working

How to build data backed reskilling strategy using structed assessments

How to build a future focused skilling strategy to upskill the tech workforce

Building targeted skilling programs using digital assessment tools

Key takeaways

The assessments become key in terms of telling employees where they are in their development journey and what skills they need for the present as well as for future

The accelerated pace of digitization of businesses has primarily established that digital skills are not just business enablers but survival tactics

Skills can’t be viewed in silos and need to be put into a context of client landscape, career roadmap, ROI, readiness, etc.

Top questions from the webinar

1 . How so organizations reach to the right competency framework?

It starts with what business you are in, and what the future holds for your business. Some other questions you need to ask are - What technology are you using today? What technology do you see yourself using in the future? What will put you ahead of the curve?

2 . What role did assessments play in this process? What does one look for when choosing assessments or an assessment partner?

Organizations want to integrate something that will accelerate their learning objectives. The assessments provide them with a baselining methodology. The assessments become key in terms of telling employees where they are in their development journey.

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