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Upskilling Versus Reskilling: What, How and When?

The skills landscape is changing faster than ever. The skill set required to perform your job today will probably change next year. Employees need to learn, relearn, and unlearn on the go to grow.

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Top Takeaways

Upskilling is enhancing an employee’s existing skill set by providing additional training.

Reskilling is unlearning redundant skills and learning updated skills for a new job.

Skill gap analysis gauges the difference between your organization’s current and desired skills level.

What’s Inside this Ebook


People often use reskilling and upskilling interchangeably. But they solve distinct purposes in organizational planning. Understanding your organizational needs requires carefully analyzing its skill gaps and deciding where upskilling is required and where reskilling is needed. A skill gap analysis is the right strategic move for your organization when faced with this dilemma.

What You’ll Learn From This Ebook

This eBook not only helps you understand the difference between upskilling and reskilling, but also lists down a step-by-step approach to take your organization from the present to the future, while ensuring that your employees remain relevant.

From this eBook, you will learn how you should break down your workforce’s current competencies at a team, job-role and individual level and then matched to the company’s future goals.

Sneak Peek

A skills gap analysis puts employees, organizational processes, structures, and technologies under the microscope for a cohesive strategy for the future. A skills gap analysis is the first step your organization should take toward a future-ready workforce.

You can identify a skill gap by following a streamlined process, which is about asking four significant questions:

  • Where does your organization want to be?
  • Where is your organization currently at?
  • How can your organization plug the gaps?
  • How to measure the ROI of the initiative?

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