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What is a Personality Test?

A personality assessment test is a tool designed to assess human personality - the stable characteristics of an individual. Personality tests are used to understand the characteristic patterns of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that people reveal in various situations. Personality tests are especially useful for employment purposes as they help predict how individuals may react and respond in different situations, what drives them to perform, how prone are they to stress and burnout, what motivates them, what level of dark traits do they possess, etc.

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A list of popular personality assessment tests available in the market to help you choose the best one for your organizational requirement.



Personality tells you everything you need to know about a person before hiring them – their positive side, their dark side, their values, how they will be with other teammates, will they fit in a team or will they succeed as an individual contributor, etc.

Personality assessments have been used in the workplace for many years now. However, continuous research has gone into making sophisticated personality tests that are valid and reliable to be used for high-stake decisions for workforce management, such as hiring, promotions, leadership development, high potential identification.

Type or Trait?

According to us, the trait-based personality assessment tests are recommended for use in the workplace owing to their correlation with on-the-job attributes, such as performance, motivation, burnout, etc. The type-based tests are only meant for self-use and should not be taken into consideration when making important decisions about other people.

The Science Behind Personality Tests

Trait Theory: The trait model theorizes that everyone has a common set of traits, however, the degree to which each trait is present varies across individuals. Hence, we merely differ in “how much” of a trait each of us has. We act in certain ways because we have some underlying trait that activates a particular response or level of response. Trait based personality assessments make it easier to compare individuals based on their score in a particular competency.

Type Theory: Type based approach characterizes people according to certain qualitatively distinctive categories. A type is simply a class of individuals said to share a common collection of characteristics. An individual usually fits in one or two categories which describes their typical behavior. In a type-based approach, behavior is not seen as caused by one’s type. Rather, behavior is an expression of the type that the individual is categorized in. In a type-based personality assessment, you cannot know the levels of competencies in an individual that are important in an organization.



It is well-accepted that success in a workplace is not just determined by technical knowledge, but it has a lot to do with one’s personality and behavioral styles. In a fast-paced world where employees change loyalties every year, personality tests help you choose the right people who are vested in the growth of your company.

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