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An Ultimate Guide to Personality Assessment Test

This ebook is a one-stop resource that introduces and elaborates on every aspect of personality tests. It also explains how you can use these tests to hire better, build cohesive teams and moot employee development initiatives.

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Top Takeaways

A rundown of major personality indicators and scales to measure them.

Analysis of bright vis-à-vis dark personality traits and their role in the bigger picture.

Objective insights on securing, building and growing a strong workforce.

What’s Inside This Ebook

An Overview

This ebook elaborates how personality tests are the best way to categorize different characteristics in professionals, about which some recruiters may not be aware. This categorization helps understand how the individuals may react in a specific situation, enabling organizations to understand their employees better. Thus, paving the way for more efficient recruitment, development, performance assessment, and overall organizational productivity. The ebook also emphasizes the necessity of personality assessment to meet objectives such as self-reflection, job placement and team bonding, among others.

What You’ll Learn from This Ebook

This ebook is a detailed resource for understanding the key elements of personality assessment tests and their applications. Backed by industry studies and data, the ebook continues to provide valuable insights into the types of personality tests, major personality theories and research, and so much more. You will also learn about tools and techniques you can use to assess your employees’ personalities effectively.

Sneak Peek

In addition to information about personality assessment tests and theories, this guide also demonstrates how Mercer| Mettl’s personality assessment tools can help organizations evaluate human personalities, motivation factors, values and preferences. The platform encompasses the following: 

  • Psychometric tools to identify HiPo talent. 
  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills assessment. 
  • Additional tools for succession planning, L&D, lateral hiring, etc. 
  • The key to uncovering hidden aspects of individual personalities. 

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