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Assessing Digital Readiness in the New Normal: Navigating the Digital Era

The future of work is here. To effectively manage digital transformation, organizations need to focus on developing their workforce to adapt to the transformation and proactively become digitally ready.

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Top Takeaways

Covid-19 has accelerated the digitalization process for many organizations.

Upskilling, reskilling, and skill gap analysis often accompany digital transformation.

Digital readiness assessment measures an employee’s potential and proficiency.

What’s Inside this eBook


Digitalization is no longer in the future. The digital era has already dawned upon us, and its power can’t be underestimated. Businesses must align their workforce with the future of work. The need to address the uncertainty of the digital revolution has never been so imminent at the organizational as well as at the individual level, failing which organizations could head toward becoming entirely obsolete.

Organizations are continually upgrading to newer technologies and ways of work. This can’t be done in silos. Organizations need to parallelly train, upskill and reskill employees to get them at par with the pace of transformation. That’s where a digital readiness assessment can step in, assess your employees, and help you create a human-centric strategy.

What You’ll Learn From This eBook

A digital readiness assessment should be used to evaluate the ability and willingness to excel in the digital age. Every employee might be at a different place in their journey. Some employees don’t understand why their organization needs to change, which can be a significant bottleneck. Others may be capable to help you lead and manage this change.

Organizations need to keep employees at the center stage of this exercise and understand the level of readiness of their employees in order to truly embrace the vastness of digital transformation.

Sneak Peek

Businesses that have undertaken modernization amid the digital transformation, and continue displaying agility in adapting to the digital ways, are already in a pole position, enjoying an advantage over their competitors.

Here’s how you can start planning for digital transformation:

  • Create a digital transformation strategy considering the business context and objectives.
  • Create a digital readiness competency framework based on present and future business needs.
  • Assess your workforce on these competencies using a digital readiness assessment.
  • Identify the level of digital readiness of each employee and commence the training process.

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