Understanding Learning Agility: The HOT Skill in Town

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What is Learning Agility?

Learning agility is defined as a person’s ability and orientation to learn new things. Learning agility is an amalgamation of skills and behavior that enable a person to comfortably learn, relearn and adjust to altering situations. Learning agility is the need of the hour for a future-ready workforce, that can change when the work environment demands and help your organization stay ahead of the curve.

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Learning agility is a hot skill right now as it takes into account the ever-changing environment of business. Measuring learning agility can help organizations recruit a future-ready workforce, plan their training efforts better, identify high potential employees, and get results faster. The assessments that measure learning agility also indicate learning preferences, speed, depth, and variety of learning.  

Learning Ability: Essential cognitive competencies that predispose a person with the ability to learn quickly by identifying patterns, logical rules & trends in data. For example, abstract reasoning, fluid intelligence, etc.

Learning Orientation: Essential behavioral competencies that predispose an individual to learn new things faster than others. For example, inquisitiveness, curiosity, motivation to learn, open mindedness, etc.



Organizations that have the willingness and capacity to adapt in uncertain times will emerge victorious with time. Learning agility plays a crucial part in today’s dynamic, uncertain and complex business environments. Having a learning agile workforce can significantly propel the organization towards present and future success.

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