Learning Agility

Mettl Learning Agility Matrix: How to Measure and Improve Your Organization’s Learning Agility

This is an end-to-end resource for using learning agility tests as prime predictors of professional success and potential. It equips you with all the tools for creating a learning agile, futuristic workforce.

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Top Takeaways

Types of learners vis-à-vis learning competencies.

Case studies for a realistic overview of learning agility assessment and its benefits.

Blueprint for creating a learning agile workforce.

What’s Inside this Ebook


For consistent growth, businesses need to hire professionals who are more than willing to learn new skills at an accelerated pace while unlearning the old skills that are either already irrelevant or will become obsolete soon. This ebook serves as a wholesome guide for identifying such professionals with the help of Mettl’s learning agility matrix. The latter is more than just a tool. It is a holistic approach towards uncovering the core competencies that define learning agility in an individual.

What You’ll Learn from this Ebook

This whitepaper demonstrates learning agility as an important universal indicator of top talent in any industry. You will learn how a learning agile workforce is key to sustaining and boosting your overall productivity at present as well as in the future. You will also get insights into key factors that make up a learning agile workforce, such as learning dimensions and learning preferences. More importantly, you will learn how to:

  • Measure learning agility
  • Measure learning orientation
  • Use Mettl’s learning agility test for job-role categorization
  • Identify training needs to be more future-ready
  • Identify high-potential talent within your workforce

Sneak Peek

This ebook offers step-by-step insights into the way learning agility assessments work, breaking down the elements of Mettl’s learning agility matrix. You can use the latter to:

  • Analyze learning agility demands of each job role.
  • Identify talent that meets those demands.
  • Assess existing employees to identify training needs.
  • Identify High Potentials to create a leadership pipeline.

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