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What Helps Boost Your Sales Hiring?

Your sales hiring process can get a significant improvement if you carefully assess several qualities of a candidate, to ensure they have the ideal sales-professional-aptitude. Mercer Mettl offers an array of assessments, resources, and solutions that match the specific requirements of building a high-performing sales team. These solutions focus on personality traits and competencies that help boost your sales success.

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Using advanced sales hiring solutions allows employers to upgrade to a more efficient recruitment strategy. It is essential to include psychometric assessments and behavior analyses in your sales recruitment process to ensure that the shortlisted candidates are capable of handling myriad business scenarios. In other words, sales hiring differs from other HR practices because of the vast evaluation parameters it involves. From customer focus assessment to corporate communication abilities, a top sales professional needs to possess the right combination of talent, personality, and skillset.

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Assessments that Go Beyond Industry Expertise

Mercer Mettl’s sales recruitment tests enable organizations to coach, motivate, and recruit, salespeople who have excellent potential to meet goals, formulate sales strategies, and contribute towards increasing the company’s sales revenue. These sales hiring assessments are also vital for companies to improve their existing team. 

A sales person needs to possess the ability to ensure maximum customer delight. In addition, they should be able to recognize, accept, and work upon their mistakes, being open to new ways of learning and adapting to work scenarios. Hence, choosing the right hiring approach is crucial.

The ultimate goal of upgrading your sales hiring process is to streamline your access to the right talent pool that is the ideal fit for your sales requirements. A combination of advanced sales hiring tests and solutions allow recruiters to accurately measure qualities such as accountability, resilience, self-awareness, confidence, and learning agility in a candidate.



This page is a comprehensive library of resources to help you understand the nuances of next-gen sales hiring. Extremely useful for recruiters and employers, the page serves as a starting point for upgrading your sales recruitment approach through a series of insights, actionable advice, custom tools, and a gamut of assessments to choose from.

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