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Building sales force superstars in the auto industry

Discover how organizations can make revolutionary upgrades to their sales force using scientifically recommended hiring frameworks.

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Type: Whitepaper

No of respondents: 10,000+

Industry: Automotive

Did You Know?

Top carmakers have confirmed a recent and ongoing increase in hiring of people with data analytics background in sales and marketing functions.

Top Takeaways:

The role of an automotive salesperson is changing due to the disruptions and evolving trends in the industry.

The next-gen sales hiring needs to look beyond conventional assessments and adopt a holistic competency framework.

It is critical for hiring managers to recognize new focus areas across sales models to hire more efficiently.

What's Inside This Whitepaper

An overview

This whitepaper is an insightful resource painting a comprehensive picture of critical sales competencies to upgrade sales hiring in the automotive sector. With detailed industry insights, the report urges auto players of all sizes to comprehend the structural changes and rigorously assess their sales hiring framework in tandem with the evolving needs of the customer and the industry.

What you will learn from this whitepaper

Divided into four major sections, this whitepaper offers an overview of major auto sales models and the need to upgrade them. It goes on to reveal the top competencies identified by Mercer | Mettl’s experts, essential competencies for key sales profiles and key findings fueling future sales hiring. You will also observe key differences and the rationale behind choosing a specific competency framework for B2B vs B2C sales and contrasting proficiency levels.

Sneak Peek

Rudimentary structures and attitudes have transformed to cope with the developments surfacing in the auto industry. Therefore, apart from recommending the novel approach in full throttle, it is equally suggestive to assess the sales hiring frameworks and adopt scientific methods to make an appropriate and sophisticated hiring decision.

Experts at Mercer |Mettl have matched pace with these rising competencies in the auto industry. But only companies who foresee the upcoming transformation and decide to sail the tide will continue to thrive.


  • As organizations move toward an agency sales model, stakeholder management is a crucial skill to assess candidates since collaboration between dealers and OEMs will increase.
  • With the integration of online and offline sales channels, better data management and analysis are needed to understand changing customer behavior and provide data-driven recommendations to stakeholders to improve sales.
  • Customer focus skills play a significant role in understanding and accommodating customer expectations and continue to be a crucial skill to ensure growth in sales.
  • An essential sales competency is to have a deep technical understanding of the car and its features. Hence, assessing learning agility is crucial.

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- Karishma Thakur / Shirisha Jain

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