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What is Proctoring as a Service?

Proctoring as a Service means a state-of-the-art, cloud-based AI-powered service that allows exam administrators and faculty to customize and initiate online proctored exams. This remote proctor tool once integrated into an LMS, gives the platform a much-needed layer of proctoring comprising credible anti-cheating features, insightful analysis, and instantaneous report generation, among others.

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Looking to add a foolproof layer of invigilation to your exams?

Manage your requirements with a state-of-the-art online proctoring service



Universities and institutes worldwide are moving online to improve content delivery beyond the classroom. And when admissions to classroom teaching, everything is moving online, why leave exams out? Innovation and technology are the principle pivots to the growth of online exams and engaging with them will provide you a competitive edge. An online proctoring service is shaping the world of examination with its high-tech mechanisms thereby ensuring cheat-proof drives.

What is better proctoring as a layer or platform proctoring?

That depends. For institutes who own a platform or LMS (Learning Management System), for them proctoring can be added as a service to the existing platform. If you don’t have a platform then proctoring comes integrated with a platform as well.

How is an online proctoring service integrated?


Easy and powerful integration for all major LMS’s with a one click setup-

LTI-Based Proctoring Integration- connect within minutes to 250+ LTI compliant systems integrate to Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, D2L, among others, instantaneously.

Deep Proctoring Integration- enable full customization with deep integration using REST APIS. Customized extensively with all major LMS, HRMS and other platforms.

Here’s how you can add a proctoring plugin-play extension to your LMS

Benefits of having proctoring as a service for your exams-

Instant and automated proctoring service for any exam

3-point candidate authentication

Browsing Restrictions

AI + Human Proctoring

Seamless user experience

Access to Complementary Features such as super proctor

Real time Report Generation

Data Safety



Online proctoring services are the new-age powerful wave, boosting a user’s market presence and outreach while providing one of the best exam-taking experience possible it. Now is the time to ride the online proctoring wave. What is holding you back? Take advantage of our powerful resource library that’s a gold mine of insights and uncover the key to revolutionizing your online exams.

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