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Fifty-six frequently asked questions on proctoring within an LMS

This ebook is your go-to resource for enhancing your knowledge on proctoring within an LMS that will help you confidently embrace this technology. 

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Top takeaways

Insights into the process of setting up proctoring within an LMS

Key facts that’ll help eliminate an unfavorable perception about proctoring on an LMS

Exploring both faculty’s and students’ perspectives on proctoring on an LMS

What’s inside this eBook

An overview

There was a time when Learning Management Systems (LMS) were considered inadequate for administering online exams as they did not provision for conducting online supervision. But today, they come integrated with online proctoring, significantly improving the exam experience. However, an unfavorable perception about proctoring on an LMS has made it challenging to deploy and difficult to use for students and faculty alike, creating a massive gap in its usage. Thus, this eBook provides answers to some common challenges faculty and students face, along with a detailed solution to solve for them.

What you’ll learn from this eBook

Your inability to find the answers to the most rudimentary questions on proctoring plug-in may hinder your transition from offline to online. But this exhaustive eBook will guide you toward some holistic solutions that will assuage your concerns and act as a tool for preparedness to drive a greater acceptance of proctoring as a service.

Sneak peek

From walking you through the meaning of proctoring as a service, familiarizing you with the process, to communicating the right approach from faculty’s and students’ perspectives, this ultimate guide spills the beans in incredible detail. Such as:

  • Commonly asked questions on exam security and sanctity
  • Commonly asked questions on the ease and experience of taking exams on an LMS
  • Commonly asked questions on the prerequisites for taking an online exam through an LMS

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