Revolutionize Your Hiring With Programming Assessments

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What are Coding Assessments?

Coding assessment, also known as programming assessment, is a comprehensive evaluation approach of a candidate's technical talent. It is conducted to understand whether the applicant can fulfill the essential criteria and job requirements before making a hiring decision.  A meaningful talent evaluation through a coding test from the beginning maximizes a tech hiring process’s efficiency, eliminates bias, and provides comprehensive, evidence-based evaluation.



The demand for a good pool of tech candidates has risen significantly in the current market. However, limited technical evaluation and unreasonably designed coding tests deprive organizations of the most deserving candidates. But by employing a combination of knowledge and application-based techniques such as MCQs and simulators in programming tests, a hiring manager can filter out quality technical talent from a vast pool.

Considerations while selecting an ideal coding assessment platform

MCQ or Simulator? Which is an ideal programming assessment for hiring?

MCQ focuses on deducing essential knowledge, concepts, applications and learning, analysis for a diverse set of technologies. While simulators asks candidates to mirror real-world challenges, such as writing code from scratch, fixing a bug or creating an algorithm. Either way, a combination of both help in deciphering their technical skill.

Advantages of leveraging a programming assessment?


Improves The Quality Of Hire

Reduces Bias

Promotes evidence-based hiring

Saves resources

Helps in retention



Technical recruitment is evolving, and programming assessment has gradually become integral to it. And why not, coding tests are being designed for modern, diverse and dynamic technical hiring managers who want to optimize their hiring experience. Programming assessments elucidate whether the applicant can fulfill the essential criteria and job requirements by helping hiring managers understand how candidates think and code in an actual coding environment. So optimize the power that comes with programming tests and scaled your recruitment pipeline with the best.

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