How to assess the communication skills of your candidates accurately and at scale

Learn why workplace communication skills are critical for organizations in a remote economy and how to measure them using digital tools

August 2021


62 Mins


Anirban B. Roy@2x

Anirban B. Roy

Chief Revenue Officer, Mercer Mettl

Sharad Sharma@2x

Sharad Sharma

Chief Product Officer, Mercer Mettl


Kaustubh Bansal

Associate Director- AI and Proctoring, Mercer Mettl

Subhro Bera

Subhro Bera

Vice President Psychometric Assessments and Data Analytics, Mercer | Mettl



Effective workplace communication skills are the foundation of every process in an organization- be it managing relationships with clients or keeping in sync with the internal and external stakeholders, successful project delivery, or smooth team engagement. It also defines uniform messaging for channels and people in an increasingly remote work-led environment.

The webinar and its expert panel engage in a detailed discourse on assessing the communication skills at scale and how it is a challenging business imperative. The speakers also discuss how reliable and accurate tools are critical in evaluating potential candidates during hiring processes and incumbent employees for L&D.

What you will learn

How technology has improved communication skills assessment for recruiters

Fluency, listening and comprehension, grammar, and pronunciation are crucial communication nuances on which companies must assess candidates

Leveraging CEFR and Carnegie Speech’s globally standardized evaluation method for measuring communication skills

A detailed demonstration of how to evaluate candidates through an AI-powered English proficiency assessment tool – SpeechX

Trainable and non-trainable errors in communication and how can they be measured

Key takeaways

Effective communication is an indispensable soft skill in a remote-first environment

Communication skill proficiency requires complex analysis and high upskilling time, making it a time-consuming and cost-intensive affair

Analyzing the English communication skills with an accurate and reliable tool is critical for superior hiring and L&D practices

Top questions from the webinar

1 . Cognitive abilities play a vital role in a multicultural environment. Communication (Verbal) skills are just one aspect of these abilities. Isn't it better to evaluate communication skills in-person rather than employing AI-based technology?

Candidate fitment depends on multiple skills, including aptitude, cognitive, psychometric and behavioral. Communication skills add value to the entire gamut of candidate assessment for hiring and L&D. Evaluating these skills with the right suite of platforms, proctoring technology and assessments will ensure accurate and standardized evaluation. In-person evaluations become challenging in large-scale candidate assessments such as campus hiring drives and organization-wide lateral hiring and promotions. Technology enables such processes in lesser time, with detailed testing of parameters and in-depth reports.

2 . Can one identify and measure trainable errors in English language communication?

Trainable errors are the ones that can be worked upon and addressed in a relatively lesser time. Trainable errors are further categorized into high impact and low impact errors. SpeechX flags whether the gaps shown in the evaluation of a candidate are trainable and generates a report that gives a score for each category. It helps understand various errors in pronunciation and grammar and how to improve and train candidates to avoid these errors.

3 . Is there optimum score ranges for different professions?

The patented technology in the English assessment platform gives a score against the internationally accepted standard, CEFR. For example, professions such as flight attendants or hospitality professionals require a higher score cut-off of above C1 on the scale, marking the proficiency of candidates in workplace communication skills. Organizations hire A2 or B1-level candidates for roles requiring lower English proficiency and train them on the job. The CEFR levels and regular benchmarking on various parameters help create bands for specific organizational requirements.

AI-Powered English Proficiency Assessment Tool

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