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What Is an Online Coding Interview Platform?

An online coding interview platform is a convenient, detailed, interactive and a purpose-built coding environment for interview that enables hiring managers to connect, screen, interview and assess a coder's proficiency in real-time. An all-in-one coding interviewing platform lets recruiters build a variety of pair coding interview questions and scenarios without having to toggle back and forth between different platforms.

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An online coding interview platform is a next-generation online coding interview tool that showcases how a candidate thinks, collaborates and utilizes various languages, frameworks, libraries or APIs. It is done before hiring. Aside from the fact that the interview is being hosted remotely, an online coding interview platform replicates a natural physical interview process while simultaneously saving significant time and ensuring that the company remains a step ahead in hiring the best tech talent.

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Why Do You Need an Online Coding Interview Tool?

All-in-one solution for all major roles and technologies

Provides lightning fast insightful reports

Fully auto-graded assessment to draw quick conclusions

Fits within one’s needs and budget

Roles supported in a coding interview platform



An online coding tool for interview not only evaluates how well coders handle ambiguity it also highlights their attitude towards a challenge and the aptitude for learning. With utmost levels of collaboration, communication and transparency both the interviewer and the interviewee are empowered to leverage this online coding interview tool eve more. It is thus, time to make this indispensable tool a critical part of your tech hiring journey and

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