Online Coding Interview Tool: Key to Tide over the Tech Hiring Crisis

Online Coding Interview Tool: Key to Tide over the Tech Hiring Crisis

This ebook is a detailed guide for streamlining your technical recruitment process. If you wish to learn more about an effective coding interview tool, this ebook is your one-stop guide.

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Top Takeaways

Prerequisites to conducting a successful tech interview.

Resources to move beyond traditional interview processes.

Stepwise guidelines for conducting live coding interviews.

What’s Inside This Ebook

An Overview

In today’s competitive scenario, hiring managers must look beyond a candidate’s resume and redundant traditional interview approaches, especially when recruiting tech talent. It is critical to undertake an interview approach that provides a deeper understanding of a coder’s proficiency. That’s where a live coding interview platform comes into the picture. This ebook explores the fundamentals of modern coding interview software packages, their applications, benefits and accuracy in discovering the most promising coders and programmers.

What You’ll Learn From This Ebook

This ebook will help you understand and embrace effective live coding interview tools and solutions and benefit from their game-changing approach. You will learn how this approach guarantees:

  • On-the-go, real-time reviews
  • Shorter decision-making cycles
  • Objective evaluations
  • Faster hiring and onboarding


And more!

Sneak Peek

This ebook introduces some of Mercer | Mettl’s game-changing screening tools for evaluating coders. These screening tools combine application-based questions and simulation-based tests that enable you to hire the right candidates fairly and quickly.

  • Readily-available standardized tests and custom alternatives
  • Mettl I/O Coding Assessment Platform
  • Codelysis for campus hiring


Learn more about these tools in the ebook.

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