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Explore various stages of a virtual campus hiring drive for effective remote campus recruitment

September 2021

Campus Hiring

60 Mins


Siddhartha Gupta

CEO, Mercer Mettl

Anirban B. Roy@2x

Anirban B. Roy

Chief Revenue Officer, Mercer Mettl

Subhro Bera

Subhro Bera

Vice President Psychometric Assessments and Data Analytics, Mercer | Mettl

Sharad Sharma@2x

Sharad Sharma

Chief Product Officer, Mercer Mettl



With competition for talent heating up, companies today need access to a wider pool of talent. This webinar brings various experts together in a discussion about virtual campus hiring solutions that enable corporates to expand their reach beyond Tier 1 colleges. The speakers delve into how virtual tools allow recruiters to screen high-quality talent from these campuses in a scalable manner which was earlier not possible due to logistical issues. 

The webinar also enlightens how the present-day tools build an array of cost efficiencies into the campus recruiting process, particularly when companies are looking at means to save cost. Since all the processes are moved virtually, this tool obviates the need for recruiters to travel physically to campuses, which was earlier done in sequential order making campus hiring a long-drawn and resource-intensive process. The tool enables recruiters to virtually target multiple campuses simultaneously, making the process highly efficient and scalable. 

Salient Points

How technology has improved campus hiring drives’ scalability, reach, and credibility

Integrating various aspects of a traditional campus hiring drive into one seamless and streamlined virtual campus drive

A detailed demonstration of how to target, screen, select, evaluate, and engage candidates in a campus hiring drive

Leveraging modern-campus hiring tools to remove biases, avoid cheating, and hire for diversity from anywhere

Key Takeaways

Streamlining traditional campus hiring drives through effective all-inclusive platforms for end-to-end hiring intelligence and management

Campus connect, virtual screening tools, digital structured and coding interviews, and engage candidates using hackathons and ideathons

Effectively hiring from campuses from around the world simultaneously in a remote-first environment

Top Questions

1 . How does these modern virtual campus hiring tools evaluate students?

Candidate fitment depends on multiple skills, including aptitude, cognitive, psychometric and behavioral. Communication skills add value to the entire gamut of candidate assessment for campus hiring drives. Organizations can effectively test all such diverse competencies by leveraging talent assessments. Measuring multiple skills and fitment with the right suite of platforms, proctoring technology, and assessments ensure accurate and standardized evaluation. In-person evaluations become challenging in large-scale candidate assessments such as campus hiring drives. Technology enables such processes in lesser time, with detailed testing of parameters and in-depth reports.

2 . How are different job competencies defined, and how do these platforms fit in testing these requirements?

Every job role can be defined by various competencies. Virtual campus hiring platforms help create a blueprint of different job roles and assess and evaluate candidates on specific skill-sets required to fulfill those job responsibilities. For instance, if the hiring is for technical roles like software developers and Cloud engineers, companies employ technical assessments, pair-programming coding interviews, and live simulators to test the domain skills of candidates. For B-schools, case study simulators are used. With virtual interview tools, further rounds of candidate selection are conducted. By leveraging the state-of-the-art anti-cheating remote proctoring technology, companies can effectively ensure that the evaluation process is credible

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