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What are Virtual Interview Platforms?

Virtual interview platforms are digital solutions that make it possible for organizations to conduct remote interviews. They are embedded with a combination of tools such as live coding simulators, digital whiteboards, and competency mapping software to create a smooth, highly efficient, and secure digital environment, accommodating a range of interview specifications.

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Integrating virtual interview solutions into the talent acquisition process allows employers to capture a gamut of advantages. Not only do these platforms allow a near-perfect alternative to conventional hiring strategies, they also bring state-of-the-art add-ons to the recruiters’ table. The more you explore these remote interview platforms, the more equipped you will feel to revolutionize the hiring processes for your organization.

Eliminate Inefficiencies

The Future of Recruitment

Available for technical as well non-technical roles, Mercer Mettl’s remote interview platforms offer a holistic approach towards virtual recruitment. These platforms promise higher accuracy in evaluation, elimination of bias during assessment, data-driven decision-making, and more!

On one hand traditional interviews can get tiring and overwhelming, especially when you have to hire in large numbers, and on the other, it is not possible to guarantee 100% effectiveness in the final decisions. Virtual interview solutions can easily fix these issues.

The ultimate goal of upgrading the interview process is to ensure that you can overcome the limitations of old-school recruitment and find the best fit for all open positions. With the smart interface and revolutionary VI tools, you have all of your concerns taken care of.



This page introduces all the key information and resources that you need for understanding virtual interview platforms, the way they function, and how you can benefit from their use as an employer, recruiter, or organization. Feel free to use this page as an index for delving deep into the VI universe so that it gets easier for you to make an informed decision while choosing a virtual interview software that empowers your recruiting strategies.



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