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What is a Secure Exam Browser?

A secure exam browser, is a web-based lockdown browser environment that converts any examination system into a safe station. By restricting navigation control during exam-taking, a safe exam browser hinders the students' ability to communicate with outside unauthorized sources, thereby making online exams exceptionally secure, reliable, and fair.

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Is on-screen cheating creating a dilemma?

Introducing browser lockdown technology to disable additional tabs, browsers and data sharing



Have you ever wondered- how can an invigilator remotely monitor what’s happening on the test-taker’s screen? With higher education witnessing significant improvement across the globe, people are seeking ways to prepare and take exams safely online. But students tend to exploit vulnerabilities in any way the can. Hence, preserving the sanctity of the online landscape is gaining primacy with a growing need for oversight on issues of on-screen cheating during exams. A safe exam browser thus, becomes an ideal airtight solution that restricts students’ on-screen activity when they take exams online.

How a Secure Exam Browser prevents navigation control and helps conduct remote online examinations successfully

Looking to configure the Safe Exam Browser into your system?



We hope this simple summary explains what a safe exam browser is positively impacts your attitude towards online exams. What are you waiting for? It’s about time you employ and leverage a Secure Exam Browser to measure the real performance of your test-takers. But if you’re still not convinced, let our resource library solve all your queries.

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