Remote Work in the New Normal: Skills, Challenges, & Guidelines

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What Is a Remote Work Readiness Assessment?

A remote work readiness assessment is designed to help organizations determine whether their employees possess the necessary skills to work from home efficiently and productively. It can be based on a standard set of competencies or customized to an organization’s specific needs. The remote work readiness assessment can help organizations chart a developmental path for employees and focus on who to hire, who to train, what to train in, who can continue working from home even in the longer run, and which teams or individuals need to be called back to the office after normalcy is restored.

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In light of the remote work policies being implemented in businesses across the world, organizations are equipping themselves with tools and practices required to accommodate a shifting workplace culture. Remote work readiness can be defined as the level of preparedness of an organization and its employees to go remote.

Remote work skills and competencies, once considered to be ancillary, are now at the forefront due to COVID-19 and changing nature of work. As businesses globally move their work to remote platforms, organizations are investing in hiring and developing people who demonstrate certain behavioral competencies that predict job success in remote roles.

Continue working remotely or call employees back to office?

A remote work readiness assessment can help you make this decision in the most effective and objective way.




Remote work has been gaining steady traction for many years, but organizations have continued to opt for a physical setup in support of the argument of employee productivity. However, recent developments may bring a change in the attitude towards remote work. To successfully conquer remote work, organizations need to identify and assess a set of remote work skills that contributes to effective hiring and focused L&D strategies.

With the right people and the right strategy, the productivity of remote teams will increase, opening a world of possibilities with democratized opportunities, while ensuring business continuity.

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