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What Is an Assessment Center Development Center?

Assessment center development center, commonly referred to as ACDC in the HR world, is a series of professional exercises commonly used by organizations to gauge skills that are not easily discoverable using standard assessments or interviews. Assessment centers offer immersive evaluations such as situational judgement tests, roleplays, business simulators, caselets, etc. Assessment center development centers are widely used for recruitment and organizational development, namely high potential identification, leadership development, succession planning.

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Assessment centers play a pivotal role in workforce planning, especially in decisions regarding critical and senior roles. However, with the influx of technology and the rapid digitization of workplaces, organizations, too, are looking for an alternative to physical assessment centers that are easy to roll out and can be used across levels. Virtual assessment centers simulate real-life workplace situations to measure multiple skills and competencies with a combination of tools and exercises, conducted in the digital format.

Virtual Assessment Centre

Physical or Virtual?

We can’t stress enough that physical assessment centers are a thing of the past.

While virtual assessment centers are best suited for mid-level managers and individual contributors, blended assessment centers combine the best of both worlds by bringing together technology and human input with on-field programs and online assessments. Blended ACDCs are best suited for mid to senior-level leadership profiles.

Here are 8 reasons why you should move to a blended or virtual assessment center.




Blended and virtual assessment centers are redefining workforce planning in the age of automation. Assessment centers are best used to predict behavior to help organizations make better people decisions, to diagnose development needs, and to groom potential employees for future roles.

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