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The state of L&D report 2022

This report is for organizations looking at upskilling and reskilling their employees. As the nature & demands of the workforce continuously evolve, discover the key trends that all organizations preparing themselves to be future-ready must be aware of.

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Type: Survey

No of Respondents: 650+

Target Sample: Leaders and L&D professionals

Did You Know?

As per the Mercer | Mettl Learning and Development Report 2022, close to 38% respondents have listed “the absence of structured organizational focus and strategy” as their main L&D-related challenge.

Top Takeaways:

55% of the respondents believed that the organizational spend on L&D had increased after the pandemic.

52% of the respondents agree that the organizations spend most of their L&D budget on mid-level employees.

36.2% of the respondents are of the opinion that communication is the most important soft skill.

What’s Inside This Report?

An overview

This report explores the various practical L&D (Learning & Development) challenges that organizations face with respect to budgetary allocations, processes or lack thereof and the lack of employee engagement. The key findings from the report can help organizations make sense of the skills ecosystem and offer insights on how to make learning tools easily accessible and effective for all employees. The importance of assessment tools in helping organizations identify key skillsets of their employees comes to the forefront yet again.

What you will learn from this report

The Mercer | Mettl survey report is a ready reckoner for organizations to understand relevant skilling challenges in 2022. It also provides useful insights on how to implement effective learning solutions for employees that are also measurable (with respect to impact and Return on Investment).

Sneak Peek

This report provides facts and statistics gathered from the survey responses for leaders to understand the importance of assessment tools with anonymous feedback mechanisms that help organizations identify the current skillsets and map the future skills requirements of all employees. These tools can help upskill/reskill, promote, and develop prospective or current employees across various roles.


  • Virtual tools are being used more than ever to identify skills gap and the effectiveness of the training.
  • Blended learning approaches are being preferred by organizations.
  • Skill assessments, LMSs (Learning Management Systems) and 360-degree feedback are in vogue.
  • Mid-level employees have the highest portion of the organization’s L&D budget allocated to them.
  • Communication, ownership and empathy are the most sought-after soft skills.

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Shashank has been working in the publishing and online industry for eight-plus years now. He has donned many hats and has reported on diverse industry verticals, including aviation, tourism, hospitality, etc. He is currently the senior editor at Mercer | Mettl.

- Shashank Shekhar

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