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Recounting the Transformative Shift in Talent Management in 2020

Talent Assessment Practices Report – India, 2020-21

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Type: Survey

Number of Respondents: 60+

Target Sample: HRs

Did You Know?

Approximately 37% of respondents have selected future readiness aptitude as a desirable skillset, highlighting the importance of high order skills such as analyzing and reasoning.

Top Takeaways

Predictive analytics is the need of the hour for better hiring decisions.

Majority of companies prefer to develop in-house talent rather than hiring.

Learning agility and leadership development are the key focus areas.

What’s Inside this Report?


The Mercer | Mettl talent assessment practices report is an unfolding of how organizations are enhancing talent acquisition and talent development strategies through assessment technology. The report covers the various ways in which organizations are using the COVID-19 disruption as an opportunity to steer toward workforce optimization by embracing technology, to stay ahead of the curve and manage unforeseen disruptions in the future.

What You’ll Learn?

  • How organizations are recruiting talent.
  • How organizations are developing talent.
  • How organizations are using assessment tools to rebuild their talent strategy.

Sneak Peek

With a clear focus on future readiness and a technology-led approach, this report embodies the changing milieu of workforce management in the new normal. More and more organizations are focusing on upskilling internal talent and looking at futuristic competencies when taking important talent decisions. Job-specific skills are no longer the only criteria, personality and high-order cognitive skills are taking the center stage.

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- Bhuvi Kathpalia

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