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Unfolding the Future of Campus Hiring

Campus Hiring in the Virtual Age: Revolutionizing Campus Hiring

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Type: Survey

No of Respondents: 400+

Target Sample: Campus Hiring Specialists

Did you know?

Managing the logistics of a campus hiring drive – booking the venues, selecting time slots, etc., was a significant pain point for 84% of organizations.

Key Takeaways

Organizations using screening assessments enjoy an 82% onboarding rate.

Aptitude assessments are used by more than 70% of the participating organizations.

More than 84% of the organizations struggled to build a campus intelligence strategy for better campus targeting.

What’s inside this report?


Campus recruitment corners the lion’s share of the cumulative annual hiringHowever, the 2020 pandemic has possibly changed the course of the traditionally conducted campus hiring drives. The 2020 campus hiring season saw organizations readily moving toward virtual recruitment solutions that enable them to conduct campus hiring drives remotelyThis report illuminates the effectiveness of various virtual campus hiring practices over traditional methods of on-ground recruitment drives. 

What You’ll Learn From this Report?

This report marks the dawn of the virtual campus hiring mode. It bridges the gap between the old and the new modus operandi and offers a take on how some technology-enabled tools and initiatives can tackle the traditional campus hiring challenges, positively affecting its scalability as an effective recruitment process, especially during COVID-19.  

This survey report engages 400+ industry experts to understand the standard practices, predominant trends, and in-depth challenges in the well-established campus hiring channel. 

Sneak Peek

Defining any campus hiring drive’s success by the final onboarding rate, organizations who used virtual recruitment tools reported a more successful campus drive. In addition to the strain of the pandemic, the evolving expectations of the millennials forced many organizations to innovate and transform their archaic strategies and processes for better engagement and turnover. 

Find out the virtual tools used by organizations at every stage of campus recruitment and how they overcame all the challenges of a traditional campus hiring drive in this report.

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What is a campus recruitment system?

A campus recruitment system comprises a student login, an admin login and a company login. The system is extremely beneficial for college students, college placement representatives and various companies visiting the campus. The software system enables the candidates to register and upload all their details, including their scores, onto the system. The admin keeps a tab on each student’s account and can delete accounts that don’t fulfill the criteria. The system includes a company login part wherein different organizations can browse through the list of students on a particular campus and their resumes. The system also enables candidates to view a comprehensive list of companies that have posted for openings. The admin ensures that users don’t violate the rules while using the system.

How do companies attract college students?

Redefining a college recruitment strategy is one viable way to get the attention of college students. To help, we’ve listed below some ways companies can attract students on and off-campus.

What does a campus recruiter do?

A campus recruiter performs many responsibilities and is well-versed in such skills as attracting, engaging, screening, interviewing and recruiting potential candidates in internships or entry-level roles. Listed below are some of the responsibilities of a recruiter.

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