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Boosting the top line for IT/ITeS

Discover how organizations can make revolutionary upgrades to their sales force using scientifically recommended hiring frameworks.

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Type: Whitepaper

Industry: IT/ITeS

Focus: Hardware sales, software sales, IT services

Did You Know?

According to Gartner’s research, a direct sales model using virtual interactions with prospects and customers will dominate sales strategies for 60% of vendors by 2023.

Top Takeaways:

The IT industry needs a sales force to keep up with the transformation in buying behaviors.

Problem-solving skills, adaptability and market awareness are among the star competencies for hiring.

IT companies should continue emphasizing cognitive ability as a must-have for sales roles.

What’s Inside This Report?

An overview

Evolving buyer personas, the onset of innovative technology and the growing complexity of IT products and services has made “selling” trickier for IT companies. This scenario undoubtedly mandates recruiting high-performing, technology empowered, revenue-generating, information-rich sales professionals eager to redefine traditional selling processes. This whitepaper serves as an insightful resource to enable and empower such recruitment.

What you will learn from this whitepaper

Divided into four major sections, this whitepaper offers an overview of a typical sales professional in the current IT/ITeS sector followed by key industry findings and expert recommendations. These recommendations include the top sales competencies identified by Mercer | Mettl and role-specific competencies that are essential for sales professionals to succeed at various levels.

With substantial industry evidence, the report urges organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, to rigorously assess their sales hiring frameworks and adopt scientific methods to make appropriate and research-backed hiring decisions.

Sneak Peek

The IT sales framework is the critical differentiating factor that shapes how a high-growth company maps its succession in a fast-paced world. Interestingly, the talent canvas of the IT/ITeS industry is evolving with the sector. Hence, the profound insights in this handbook are set to empower forward-thinking leaders to focus intensely on specific competencies that can help build mission-critical IT sales teams in no time.

Moreover, if companies utilize these insights to select the right sales professional, they can increase the probability of retaining the right talent too. If industry stalwarts learn from the scientifically validated projections and revise their competency framework, there is no denying that they can lead a company to new heights.


  • The necessity to constantly interact with and convince customers across various IT sales domains makes effective communication skills the top priority.
  • Negotiation and influence are critical in IT service sales because of longer sales cycles and more complex price models.
  • There are vital differences in the essential competencies at lower proficiency levels and managerial positions.
  • The differences continue across positions in varying sales categories- hardware, software and services.

Written by

- Sumedha Basu / Shirisha Jain

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