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Assessing the Impact of Covid-19 on the Continuity of Examinations

A first-hand report on everything you need to know about online exams in the Covid age

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Type: Survey

Number of Respondents: 500+

Target Sample: Deans & HODs

Did You Know?

The educational continuity of over one billion learners has been impacted globally by the COVID-19 crisis.

Top Takeaways:

88% of the respondents have reported a disruption in entrance and semester examinations.

82% of the respondents have shifted to online mode of examination to ensure continuity.

58% of respondents believe that COVID-led disruption would result in a sustained shift to online platforms

What’s Inside this Report?


The pandemic has created genuine concerns about the continuity of academic pursuits. Educational institutions have had to cancel exams after governments, globally, mandated lockdown to minimize the loss of lives.

Amid the education sector’s skepticism towards online examinations, this report analyzes their levels of preparedness to tide over present and future disruptions and the challenges in adopting new-age mediums for conducting examinations. We reached out to over 500 senior industry decisionmakers, including deans, HODs, and other important constituents, from across 17 countries.

What You’ll Learn from this Report?

This report captures the watershed moment in the education sector that has resulted in the fastened pace of technology adoption, making a strong case for moving to online examination platforms. It also understands the reason behind the preference for traditional means and how new-age examination technologies are addressing those very concerns in the virtual world.

Sneak Peek

A spirited debate on using technology in the education sector has continued over the years. Traditionalists enumerate the advantages of using conventional means, arguing it offers enhanced quality control and ease for students and teachers. Those championing new-age means favor its reach, ability to reach distant corners, and create an unprecedented parity, making education accessible to all. While both arguments may have some validity, but COVID-19 has explicitly underlined the need for insulating processes from abrupt disruptions.

This report indicates a broad-based consensus among respondents, suggesting the disruption would encourage the educational sector to make a more pronounced shift toward online exams provided they get access to the right technology and ecosystem that can help them conduct seamless and cheating-free exams.


  • 77% of respondents have never conducted online examinations.
  • 70% of respondents consider cheating prevention as the biggest challenge in online exams.
  • 50% of respondents feel impersonation is a critical concern in online exams.
  • 50% of respondents feel that online examinations are a scalable alternative when faced with COVID19-like disruptions.

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What is an examination management system?

An examination management system is an online system that allows centers for learning across seniority levels to plan and execute end-to-end virtual assessments. Such an exam management system software has in-built features to enable controllers of examination to plan the grading scheme, candidate and evaluator slotting, AI-enabled invigilation mechanisms and automated evaluation result declaration mechanisms. It replicates the entire offline physical examination process with greater ease and efficiency, making it a seamless exercise for all involved.

How do online exams work?

An online examination replicates a physical, center-based examination. The difference being that online examinations are taken remotely, using a computer, with a functional webcam and microphone. It can be offered and taken from anywhere, eliminating the hassles associated with physical examinations. Several exam management software online is available on the market for you to gauge their functionality and understand their usage.

What is the purpose of an online examination system?

The purpose of an online examination system is to offer educational centers an end-to-end and highly comprehensive examination platform. It constitutes every feature required to plan, host and evaluate examinations of all kinds, enabling them to save significant time and financial resources invested otherwise in offering center-based assessments. It has a slew of automated features that help moot the grading system, question paper type, invite test-takers, authenticate their candidature, offer uncompromised exams and evaluate with ease.

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