Why are organizations gravitating toward virtual & blended ADCs to identify talent?

Do not forget to tune into an engaging and fruitful discussion with industry leaders on how virtual and blended assessment centers can help identify the top performers and aid in seamless succession planning in organizations.

April 2022

High Potential and Succession Planning with ADCs

60 Mins


Peyu Gupta

Peyu Gupta

Director-HR & Admin, Hughes Communications

Nikita Panchal

Nikita Panchal

Vice President, Global Head Talent, OD, and D&I - ACG World

Dr Kalindi Kale

Dr Kalindi Kale

Leadership Coach & OD Consultant

Deepti Namjoshi

Deepti Namjoshi

Consulting Head - Psychometric Assessments, Mercer | Mettl (Moderator)



This webinar must be attended by organizations that have always conducted physical assessments for hiring employees and thought that this was the only and the best way in which assessments could be carried out. The webinar will be a revelation because it explores the world of assessment development centers (ADCs) that can be both virtual and blended and the numerous benefits offered by ADCs.

Attending this webinar will help organizations understand how they can start using assessment centers to identify the top performers internally and easily plan successors in leadership positions without any hassle and in quick time.

What you will learn

Planning High-Potential identification and succession planning in organizations through ADCs

Using ADCs for Organizational development and need gap analysis followed by mapping of training needs of every employee

First-hand account of how ADCs can positively impact and transform organizations, straight from the horse’s mouth

Current industry assessment trends, succession planning strategies and what the future holds

Key Takeaways

Blended assessment centers stand out for being inclusive and for helping remove barriers. They also differentiate personal and professional versions of individuals.

Linking talent management & retention strategies to the group or organizational strategy helps answer the ROI & impact to be measured for investing in assessment centers.

Organizations are moving toward understanding the relevance of talent management.

Top Questions

1 . Does the organization see any resistance from the nominated candidates participating in assessment centers?

Some candidates back out from these assessment centers due to fear of getting into trouble. The way to reduce backouts is to emphasize the positive impact of such assessments conducted previously.

2 . How is data obtained from assessment centers utilized by organizations?

It identifies high performers who will thrive in any work environment and rewards them suitably. The goal is also to identify high talents who have the potential to grow and improve themselves.

3 . Are employees from all levels of the organization covered by assessment centers?

No. These assessment centers are relevant only to specific roles and positions in the organization. If sent to all employees, most may not be prepared to take them up due to a lack of understanding and relevance.

Planning High-Potential identification and succession planning

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