Live Demo: How to Conduct Online Examinations- Philippines Chapter

The webinar focuses on Mercer Mettl’s unique offerings in the area of virtual assessments and test engines for entrance exams, quizzes, semester evaluations, and more.

May 2020


146 Mins



Prof. Jay Bernardo

Director- ACEME


Dr. Virginia Akiate

Director- CHED

Siddhartha Gupta

CEO, Mercer Mettl

Sharad Sharma@2x

Sharad Sharma

Chief Product Officer, Mercer Mettl

Nachiketa Chandra

Nachiketa Chandra

Director- Product Development, Mercer Mettl


Maria Bryce Fabro

Chair, Hero Summit Series



This webinar offers expert insights into the changing education eco-system since 2020 with discussions about the future of schools and education. It extensively covers Mercer Mettl’s global examination platforms that are supported by multiple languages and created to work smoothly even on a low bandwidth. More importantly, the speakers talk about the importance of adopting technology as a means to ensure continuity in the education sector.

The webinar focuses on Mercer Mettl’s unique offerings in the area of virtual assessments and test engines for entrance exams, quizzes, semester evaluations, and more. Institutes, educators, and academicians will find this demo very helpful in overcoming their apprehensions related to the online mode. The demonstration also walks you through the user-friendly interface of Mercer Mettl’s online exam platform, displaying the examiner’s view as well as the test-taker’s view of the screen. Furthermore, you will discover the diverse content and question formats supported by these platforms, and the way they help formulate a test that assesses students on a range of parameters.


What You Will Learn

How robust digital systems help handle the scale of exams and prevent disruptions for students.

How to choose the right online examination platform.

The advantages of using AI and auto-grading in evaluations.

How anti-cheating tools and remote proctoring solutions help preserve academic integrity.

Key Takeaways from This Webinar

Solutions for the seamless facilitation of the entire exam cycle online.

Automation tools that allow educators to offer better feedback to students.

A detailed 3-part demonstration of Mercer Mettl’s remote proctoring and anti-cheating solutions.

Top Questions from the Webinar

1 . Is there a provision to download students’ answer scripts in the PDF or Word format?

Yes, it is possible if the files are uploaded. Alternatively, APIs are also available for moving data from one system to another.

2 . How does Mercer Mettl help overcome critical online exam challenges?

Mercer Mettl’s suite of online assessments includes diverse question formats, anti-cheating features, and AI-supported remote proctoring. Examiners can customize assessments to fulfill specific requirements. 

3 . What is Mettl Secure Exam Browser?

The MSB is a web-based lockdown browser that ensures a secure online examination experience. The browser locks every other application on a computer when a test is in progress, preventing the possibility of cheating.

4 . Can online exams be monitored?

Yes. Remote invigilation or proctoring solutions make it possible to monitor every phase of an online exam. A combination of AI and manual proctoring ensures that no academic malpractices go undetected during a test.

5 . Can proctored exams detect phones?

Yes. Mercer Mettl’s remote proctoring tools flag the presence of devices like phones and tablets in the test-takers’ vicinity. In addition, the anti-cheating features detect a vast range of malpractices that test takers are likely to indulge in during an exam.

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