Live Demo: How to Conduct Online Examinations- APAC Chapter

Educators, academicians, as well as students will find this webinar extremely helpful in understanding the various remote exam solutions and the way they work.

June 2020


63 mins


Vincent Quah

Regional Head-Asia Pacific and Japan, Amazon Web Services

Siddhartha Gupta

CEO, Mercer Mettl

Sam Harris@2x

Sam Harris

Education Program Manager- Asia Pacific and Japan, Amazon Web Services

Sharad Sharma@2x

Sharad Sharma

Chief Product Officer, Mercer Mettl


Kaustubh Bansal

Associate Director- AI and Proctoring, Mercer Mettl



This webinar is a detailed analysis of the evolving education eco-system during Covid-19 and the impending post- Covid era. Educators, academicians, as well as students will find this session extremely helpful in understanding the various remote exam solutions and the way they work. More importantly, this webinar re-emphasizes the very need to switch to these platforms as means to prevent disruptions in knowledge sharing and academic growth.

Before delving into a demonstration of using Mercer Mettl’s online exam and proctoring platforms, the speakers cover concerns like digital divides, connectivity issues, tech literacy, and accessibility in different parts of the world. The webinar focuses on preserving academic integrity when transitioning to any virtual medium. Through a series of anti-cheating solutions and advanced proctoring features, the speakers further elaborate on the near foolproof possibilities that Mercer Mettl offers in the form of flexible question formats, scalable software, ultra-smart AI algorithms, and more!

What You Will Learn

Why experts are urging educators and institutes to adopt remote examination technology.

How cloud and AI can help overcome challenges in the area of education.

The way virtual proctoring solutions save time and boost credibility of exams.

A step-by-step demonstration of Mercer Mettl’s proctoring and exam tools.

Key Takeaways From This Webinar

Impact of the ongoing global disruption on examinations and learning.

Modern tools that can be leveraged to shift the examinations online in a secure, credible and authentic way.

A detailed view of Mercer | Mettl's AI- ​enabled anti-cheating solutions.

Top Questions from the Webinar

1 . Can there be an assessment for descriptive questions?

Yes. It is also possible to include a feature on the remote exam platform to manually evaluate explanatory and descriptive answers.

2 . Can online exams detect cheating?

Yes. Mercer Mettl offers an array of anti-cheating tools and proctoring solutions to detect malpractices during an online exam. Remote invigilators can also block defaulters during a test if they find them cheating.

3 . What happens if a candidate gets disconnected during an online examination?

There are two ways Mercer Mettl addresses sudden connectivity issues during an online exam. Educators can choose a duration during which a candidate can rejoin the exam when disconnected. Alternatively, they can ask the candidate for a re-authorization.

4 . What is online proctoring?

Online proctoring allows remote invigilation during an online exam that can be entirely AI-driven or a combination of AI and human monitoring. Online proctoring solutions include live proctoring backed by webcam feed, IP range-setting, real-time screen feed, and several anti-cheating features. Auto proctoring is also possible using AI-based flags for impersonation, detecting the use of external devices, detecting additional voices/presence in the room, spotting candidate distraction, etc.

5 . Can online proctors see your screen?

Yes. Online proctors can choose to access a test-taker’s live screen feed. They also have the option to view a recorded view of the candidate’s screen activity. In either case, the candidate is usually notified before they start taking a test.

Conducting Remote Exams, the Right Way with Mercer Mettl

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