How to Get the Most Out of Your Campus Hiring Programs

Witness an in-depth conversation around the nuances of campus hiring, as industry leaders share their insights, backed by examples and statistics from reports and research.

September 2019


70 Mins


Siddhartha Gupta

CEO, Mercer Mettl

Vachaspati Saxena

Vachaspati Saxena

Head- Talent Acquisition, GE



Focused on the advantages and covering the core challenges of campus hiring in modern times, this webinar offers perspectives through a magnified expert lens. The discussion closely analyzes the craft of hiring the right talent, delving deep into the need of fresh talent in any industry. As experts touch upon key areas of digitization and innovation, you will discover inspiring details about new-gen campus recruitment strategies.

The webinar further emphasizes on answering questions related to the problems fresh talent can solve, the ideal budget for campus hiring programs, hiring trends, shortlisting key skills before initiating a recruitment program, and the advantages of hiring straight from educational institutes instead of opting for lateral hiring. HR professionals will find this webinar extremely useful for campus recruitment strategies across industries, following campus hiring best practices, deciding what to offer a candidate, and approaching colleges at the right time.

What You Will Learn

The importance of building campus intelligence i.e. choosing the right set of campuses to target for recruitment

The process of assessing for skills and fitment. 

The role of brand investment in effective campus hiring.

Choosing an ideal platform for virtual recruitment.

Key Takeaways From This Webinar

67% of the leaders believe that campus hiring is the best channel to source talent.

4 key dilemmas of campus hiring- Which, When, Whom & What.

Online assessments and competency-based interviews can boost novel recruitment processes.

Top Questions from the Webinar

1 . How can an HR person ensure better ROI on their pre-placement messaging campaigns?

It is essential to have a good outreach of the messaging campaign. The same can be ensured by utilizing multiple channels including social media and campus ambassador programs. The idea is to amplify the right message to the students, be honest about it, and focused on aspects that the target group would find attractive about the organization.

2 . What are a few best practices to attract millennial talent to a company?

It is essential to ensure the millennial workforce a safe work environment where they can speak their minds and ask for help without the fear of ridicule. Recruiters should also be honest about what they want their millennial workforce to achieve, set realistic goals, and offer them an ideal platform to perform.

3 . Should fresh graduates enroll for executive PGP courses before participating in campus hiring drives?

Although several ex- PGP programs help candidates gain a larger picture of the industry they are interested in, they are not mandatory. These programs can be a good way of improving their employability but at the same time, recruiters need to evaluate several other parameters when hiring.

4 . Does campus hiring have an edge over lateral hiring?

In several ways, yes. Campus hiring is ideal for companies looking for fresh talent that can bring in a younger, brand new perspective to their existing problem-solving processes. Hiring fresh graduates who have just learned and practiced subjects relevant to their industry, tend to add value to a company in ways that more experienced professionals may not.

5 . What kind of pre-placement activities can help attract candidates to an organization?

Organizations using innovative campus engagement tools tend to enjoy a higher onboarding rate. Examples of such tools include hackathons, ideathons, and case study competitions. Activities that showcase the unique culture, technology, challenges, and learning opportunities offered by a company can all help attract and onboard talented individuals.

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