How to Conduct Online Examinations- In Collaboration with IEEE Pune

This extensive deminar offers a step-by-step guide for setting up and using Mercer Mettl’s examination and proctoring solutions to ensure a seamless remote exam process for educators as well as students.

June 2020


81 Mins


Nachiketa Chandra

Nachiketa Chandra

Director- Product Development, Mercer Mettl

Sharad Sharma@2x

Sharad Sharma

Chief Product Officer, Mercer Mettl


Kaustubh Bansal

Associate Director- AI and Proctoring, Mercer Mettl



This webinar offers expert insights into the changing education eco-system since 2020 with discussions about the future of educational institutes and education. It focuses on preserving academic integrity when transitioning to any virtual medium. Through a series of anti-cheating solutions and advanced proctoring features, the speakers further elaborate on the near foolproof possibilities that Mercer Mettl offers.

The session highlights how digitization in education can make people’s lives easier. Therefore, institutes, educators, and academicians will find this discussion very helpful in overcoming their apprehensions related to the online mode.

The demonstration walks you through the user-friendly interface of Mercer Mettl’s online exam platform, displaying the examiner’s view as well as the test-taker’s view of the screen. You will also discover the diverse content and question formats supported by these platforms, and the way they help formulate a test that assesses students on a range of parameters.

What You Will Learn

Why experts are urging educators and institutes to adopt remote examination technology.

How cloud and AI can help overcome challenges in the area of education.

The way virtual proctoring solutions save time and boost credibility of exams.

How robust digital systems help handle the scale of exams and prevent disruptions for students.

Key Takeaways From This Webinar

Solutions for the seamless facilitation of the entire exam cycle online.

Automation tools that allow educators to preserve academic integrity and prevent cheating.

A detailed demonstration of Mercer Mettl’s remote proctoring solutions.

Top Questions from the Webinar

1 . How can your system detect if students take pictures of the screen using other devices apart from the one they are already using?

Our AI is capable of detecting other devices, such as a smartphone. Once the students use it to take an image on the computer, it will be flagged by our AI and reflected in their integrity score.

2 . What kinds of devices are supported on the exam platform?

Mercer | Mettl’s Examine supports exams on all devices. a) Low-stakes Exams- Quiz and mid-lesson tests that need low security and can smoothly run on mobile, laptop, desktop, iPad or tablet. b) Medium-stakes Exams- Mid-semester exams need more security and hence require proctoring. It is suggested to take the exam on a laptop or desktop. c) High-stakes Exams- End-semester and competitive exams are high fidelity tests. It is recommended candidates take the test on a laptop or desktop.

3 . Is there an option for auto-grading? What kind of question types can be auto-graded?

Yes. Auto grading is available for MCQs and coding simulators

4 . What happens if students fake network problems to disconnect and cheat on the exam?

In such a scenario, respective institutes and universities can issue a disclaimer about the number of times a student is allowed to log back onto the system. If done repeatedly, the management has the authority to terminate the exam for the concerned student. The test can only be resumed after special permission is obtained from the relevant authority.

5 . How can you identify fraud if someone uses a picture of the candidate to capture the photo?

The 3-point authentication begins with an OTP that the candidates receive on their emails/phones. The process mandates the test-taker to click their live picture using a webcam and furnish ID proof. Our proctors verify the details, thus eliminating any chances of impersonation.

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