How Can Technology Ensure Continuity in Exams and Learning?

Join the expert discussion about institutions digitizing their examinations! This webinar details how the ongoing disruptions have propelled the education sector towards an early tech revolution.

May 2020


62 Mins


Raphael Beuthner

Raphael Beuthner

CIO, EBZ Business School, Germany

Thomas Gruhle

Thomas Gruhle

Principal, Mercer

Siddhartha Gupta

CEO, Mercer Mettl



This webinar offers expert insights into the changing education eco-system since 2020 with discussions about the future of educational institutes and education. It extensively covers the various aspects of solutions and technology that enable remote examination and proctoring. More importantly, the speakers talk about the importance of adopting digitization as a means to ensure continuity in the education sector.

The webinar focuses on the way digitization in education can make people’s lives easier. Institutes, educators, and academicians will find this discussion very helpful in overcoming their apprehensions related to the online mode. You will also discover the way Mercer Mettl’s platforms have been supporting distance learning in a futuristic and flexible manner. As examination platform providers and seekers share the common goal of ensuring continuity in learning and education, the insights from this webinar will help you understand how the right technology and technical know-how can empower universities grappling with the challenges of the debilitating pandemic

What You Will Learn

The impact of the pandemic on the education sector.

Pros & cons of digitization in the education sector.

Challenges and benefits of online examinations.

Best practices to ensure business continuity in the new normal.

Key Takeaways from This Webinar

The present and future landscape of technology in education. 

The necessary behavioral shift to transition to the online mode.

Platforms that preserve academic integrity and ensure continuity in learning and education.

Top Questions from the Webinar

1 . How do you envision the future of the education sector shaping up post the pandemic?

Going online or having the ability to go online is imperative, which cannot be put on the back burner anymore. While technology was always available, the education ecosystem was taking its own sweet time to adopt it. Now, the time has come to accelerate the entire process. Though the future is uncertain but it is essential to be prepared to address the needs and concerns of students as well as educators.

2 . For an open-book exam, is it possible to let students refer to study material during an online exam?

Yes. In such a scenario, the material can be made available and accessible to students on a URL that is whitelisted by the exam platform. Even software and other digital assets can be whitelisted if required.

3 . Can the exam platform be integrated with an existing LMS?

Yes. Mercer Mettl has REST APIs that can be used to integrate with any of your existing systems. Additionally, deep integration enables custom workflows. a) For LTI compliant LMSs like Canvas, Moodle, D2L, edX, Blackboard, and others (250+ LMSs), we can integrate within minutes via configuration-based integration. b) For Non-LTI compliant LMSs, we can integrate our platform within a week through simple APIs.

4 . What does the future landscape of technology in education look like?

It was estimated that the edu-tech market would be around USD 350 billion by 2025 but, now, it might be achieved much sooner. Many students might decide to swap the traditional system with a distance learning system for comfort and flexibility. The online world has become a reality now. And even the slowest of us need to come around to accept this reality.

5 . What are the most crucial capabilities to look for when choosing an exam platform?

The system’s robustness and scalability, its efficiency in maintain academic integrity, are the top priorities for choosing an exam platform. Also, the test engine must be built with the flexibility to align with the educator’s agenda. In other words, there should be a provision to allow multiple question formats and grading criteria.

Mercer Mettl Exam Platform: Choose the best mode for going digital

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