Experience Sharing: What Does it Take to Conduct a Successful Online Examination in 2020?

Witness an elaborate experience-sharing session as Mercer Mettl experts take you through the journey of enabling educational institutes adapt to the online mode of examinations.

October 2020


63 Mins


Siddhartha Gupta

CEO, Mercer Mettl

Sharad Sharma@2x

Sharad Sharma

Chief Product Officer, Mercer Mettl

Tarun Girdhar

Tarun Girdhar

Chief Revenue Officer- Education & Government Business, Mercer Mettl



This webinar offers expert insights into the changing education eco-system since 2020. But more importantly, it highlights Mercer Mettl’s learnings and experiences in supporting continuity in this area through the digital medium. It extensively covers Mercer Mettl’s global examination platforms that are supported by multiple languages and created to work smoothly even on a low bandwidth.

The speakers talk about how their collaborations with eminent educational institutes helped them overcome major inhibitions about conducting entrance tests as well as semester exams online. You will find the discussion extremely helpful in understanding major online exam trends, disruptions in the examination value chains, the core needs and concerns expressed by educators, and more. The speakers also explain the importance of managing student anxiety during the unexpected transition to virtual test platforms, seamless question bank management, security measures before and during an online exam, and various strategies that have helped students and institutes.

What You Will Learn

Essentials for a successful transition to online exams.

How to choose the right online examination platform.

End-to-end task management features of Mercer Mettl’s online exam platforms.

Data-backed insights into the online mode of semester exams v/s entrance tests.

Key Takeaways from This Webinar

62% of institutes have moved to a full or partial online examination setup in 2020.

Technology has enabled a massive global shift in the area of education continuity.

AI and remote proctoring have ensured high security to online exam platforms.

Top Questions from the Webinar

1 . Can Mettl run on Android?

Yes. Mettl platforms are on Cloud and browser-based. Therefore, exams can be accessed from any device.

2 . How is the auto-grading logic set for an online exam?

The grading logic can be set-up at the time of creating a test. Scores can be allotted to each question. The option of negative marking is also available. Furthermore, long answers and upload-type questions which are not auto-graded can be manually evaluated. The total score, section-wise scores, and individual question-level scores are then made available in reports.

3 . Do you provide back-end data analysis for learning and training outcomes?

Yes. Mercer Mettl provides insightful reports for online examinations that contain group-level and individual analytics.

4 . How do you ensure there is no impersonation while taking exams?

Mercer Mettl’s examination platforms use multi-factor candidate authentication to eliminate chances of impersonation. Students need to click their picture, furnish an identity proof and share registration details before starting a test. The proctors, available round the clock, verify the photo IDs against the registration details to attest if the candidates are bona fide.

5 . Have you taken a feedback from students to understand their acceptability for an online mathematical semester examination?

We have deployed an equation editor across students and discovered that high-school students and those at UG/PG levels are comfortable with using the online equation editor, after taking a mock exam. It is only in case of very young students that the same may not be feasible.

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