Digitization and Innovation in Campus Hiring

Witness an in-depth conversation around the nuances of campus hiring, as industry leaders share their insights on how digitization is revolutionizing campus hiring.

February 2022

Campus Hiring

60 Mins


Ritesh Jha

Ritesh Jha

TA Head – FIS-India

Souvik Sarkar

Souvik Sarkar

Head HR – Domino’s Pizza India

Dhanur Oberai

Dhanur Oberai

Regional Head, Key Accounts and Enterprise Business – Mercer | Mettl (Moderator)



This webinar visits the key challenges, trends, and the impact of tech intervention in campus hiring through a magnified expert lens. The discussion delves into the need to hire fresh talent seamlessly across industries and explores advanced tech-fueled methods of doing so. As the speakers highlight the advantages of digitization and innovation in this area, they also dispense inspiring details about new-gen campus recruitment strategies.

In this webinar, industry experts engage in a detailed discourse on how several leading companies worldwide have revolutionized their campus hiring strategy by adopting new-age, best-in-class technology. The speakers also decode the future of campus hiring, backing it with robust data and examples.

What you will learn

Industry-level challenges, global trends, and strategies for identifying and engaging with campus talent

Detail real-world examples and best practices of how some top enterprises are leveraging campus hiring

New-age solutions to make your campus hiring quick, effective and immune to disruptions

How technology is future-proofing campus recruitment processes

Key Takeaways

Companies are leaning more toward soft skills as opposed to focusing on only hard skills

Engagement activities on campuses help bridge the gap between projection and reality for both employers and candidates

Technology solution partners that strengthen capabilities and add value to a company's current processes help revolutionize the campus hiring strategy

Top Questions

1 . What is the key to hiring well?

The key to hiring well is looking at things from the inside out. Consider what your organization needs rather than following the trends of other companies.

2 . What should be taken into consideration before choosing a technology partner?

Credibility, value addition, and robustness are the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a technology partner.

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