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Top 14 trends in online examinations in 2021

This eBook offers you unmatched insights into what’s trending in the examination management ecosystem. If you are a decision-maker planning on hosting exams now or in the future, this is the ideal resource for you.

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Top takeaways

The lack of familiarity with online examination platforms is the foremost bottleneck in taking the digital route

Cheating prevention is the most significant concern in giving online exams

The hybrid model of exams is the flavor of the season

What’s Inside this eBook

An overview

‘The state of online examinations 2021’ was set out to map the process shift in giving and taking exams and dispassionately assess and document the experience of using online examination platforms and proctoring services. This ebook summarizes the report, which outlines select trends and will provide you with unparalleled insights into the journey, experience, and challenges that universities and colleges faced in taking the digital route. It also offers an assessment of the processes where online examinations matched or exceeded the experience of giving assessments, compared to offline exams. Besides, it outlines a wish list, a roadmap of sorts, from educators, suggesting the areas where they expect more improvement in the available processes and mechanisms from service providers.

What you’ll learn from this eBook

This eBook will equip you with insights derived from engaging over 650 senior-most educators across over 18 countries. They offered their views on several aspects of exam management amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Their opinions and insights were compiled in a tell-all ‘The state of online examinations report.’ This eBook is a pocket version of that extensive report, which will give you a ringside view of how universities and colleges managed their examination processes amid an unprecedented disruption because of COVID-19. You will understand the bottlenecks that education centers globally faced in transitioning from offline to online. Besides, you will realize how educators globally perceive the quality of products and services being offered by online examination service providers. The eBook will also provide you educators’ experience of using online examination platforms, besides taking stock of the road ahead for examinations in 2021 and beyond.

Sneak peek

This eBook features the top 14 trends shaping the education sector’s preference in offering examinations in 2021 and beyond. Here is a glimpse of the key trends:

  • Online examinations is a scalable alternative, believes the education sector
  • Colleges gave semester exams over all other types of exams
  • Universities and colleges made an epic pivot toward the online ecosystem after the contagion set in
  • Managing the examination evaluation process is the most superior aspect of giving online exams


Read the eBook to learn more about these trending insights.

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